Ethna Keown and her Business Slobberscarves


Mum of 5, Ethna Keown told us ,”Faced with a dribbly baby, I started making bibs (Slobberscarves) to help deal with his wet clothes. Ten years on, I now have a much larger product range than just the bibs but my ethos remains the same, I want to help mummies with the everyday troubles they face. I make soft clothes to help with comfort.

Bibs and baby clothes are my products and I am proud of them. I love that I can pass on my parenting experiences to my customers. I have 5 children and I have faced all manner of things do I use my experiences to help mummies as much as I can.

All of my products are made by me at home and I like to think that my passion comes across in my work.

I have 21 years of parenting experience and I still have the passion to learn what I can with regards to parenting. My products are things that I know will help because I have been there.

My piece of advice to those who are struggling to raise their business is that don’t give up. Sometimes it’s hard and you have to work hard but it is so so worth it. My customers have known me mostly on Instagram. It’s my main platform and ninety-five percent (95%) of my sales come from using Instagram.”

How does Ethna Manage home life and Slobberscarves?

“My greatest enemy and struggle in raising my business is TIME! As a mummy of 5, my house is never stopping. A good routine helps…first of all set it and sticking to it helps!!

My biggest achievement is being able to help mummies who are struggling with the same struggles I had. Teething rashes, soaked clothes, and the struggles with uncomfortable clothing. I love to see mummies who no longer have to change their little one’s clothes throughout the day because of dribbles!!

I am spending my free time with my family. My family is so so important to me. Your children are little for such a short time so I just love to spend time with them.”

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