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Nicola McGuinness Coaching

We asked Nicola McGuinness about her business journey.

When I started the Lean In Newry network,  I was surrounded by inspirational go-getting females and that rubbed off on me.  At the same time, I started working with a coach who helped me so much with my self-limiting beliefs.  Due to the results, I got from coaching I wanted to be able to help other females work on themselves to realize they could be and do anything they wanted to have a fulfilled life.

I am a confident coach.  Working with females on a one-to-one and group coaching basis, I understand why they have low self-belief and lack confidence, and what they can do to increase their confidence to start taking action to achieve their specific goals.

In my business, I offer different kinds of services such as one-on-one coaching for females, group coaching for females, motivational talks, and group coaching programs for females within corporates.

I am one lucky woman.  Imagine being surrounded daily by the most inspirational, high-achieving, resilient, and amazing females!  That’s where I get my energy, passion, and fulfillment, I honestly can’t think of a better job!

Anyone who knows me will testify that I am a very personable, warm, perceptive, and supportive, yet challenging person.  I have walked the talk, coming from a position of debilitating self-doubt to a more confident, thriving woman.

My advice for others who are starting their business is that:

Be prepared for the marketing which is involved to grow your business. At times it felt like a full-time job where I got little else done.  However, after months of struggling, I have now learned to delegate some of these areas.  This allows me to focus on the actual coaching work, where I am strongest, and get my energy from.  

Also, get your tribe around you fast.  I don’t know what I would have done without the help and advice from other female entrepreneurs on the same journey.

I am having my clients through these given platforms: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, and my website,

My biggest struggle in business is marketing, it can be all-consuming and takes you away from doing the actual work of the business.  I went from knowing nothing to talking about funnels and automation, lead magnets to launches in a very short space of time.

My customers know me for having these traits and they can search for me through these words that greatly defines me: self-confidence, self-belief, self-esteem, fulfillment, passion, confidence, and coaching

Like many businesswomen, these days, going out for walks with friends or to listen to a podcast to get away from it all. Oh and the most important of all, red wine.  Spending time with my husband and four children. The big ones don’t seem to want to know me anymore, they die a little when their friends start following me on social media.

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