Meet Maine Accounting owner Susan Davidson

Susan Davidson is a Chartered Accountant and owns her own company called Maine Accounting.

She mostly works with small businesses and start-ups and has a Facebook group for them.

In the Facebook group, she teaches the start-ups and small businesses about all things finance that they need to know in order to prepare themselves for business life.

She loves helping people with their accounts, avoiding pitfalls and stress. Susan wants to help save the customers she works with time and money.

She wants to keep their accounts easy to understand and signpost them in their business.

The businesses she works with ranges for all kinds and different business sectors.

This includes graphic designers, hair dressers and more.

Susans’ clients have said she is easy to work with. You can get in contact with her HERE.

Susan Davidson Maine Account - MAW VIP Member

Susan Davidson, Maine Accounting

Why did Susan Davidson join Mums At Work

Susan Davidson has been a member of the Mums At Work Network for around 4 years.

She said, “It has just been great meeting lots of people from different walks of life and the different parts across Northern Ireland.

The Mums At Work Network has been great for friendships and meeting people in similar lines of business but also meeting people in different lines of business too.

The networking is great.”



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