staying on target during lockdown

Staying On Target During the Lockdown

Staying On Target During the Lockdown

Our Member, Clare Rimmer was telling us how she is staying on target during the lockdown.

“If you had asked me two months ago, would I consider teaching online I would have laughed. One of
the reasons we left a tuition franchise 5 years ago was because we love face to face tuition so much
and did not want to be pushed to change our business model. Oh how things have pivoted in the
last 8 weeks! On the 20th of March I recorded an emotional video for Facebook explaining to our
clients that we would try our best to keep our centre open for those who wanted to continue
learning. That evening I sobbed all the way home listening to the latest news, knowing that we were
facing the biggest challenge our business had ever seen in 13 years. By the 22nd we had shut our
doors and the worry and stress was worse than anything I had experienced before.

The first stage impact of lockdown

The next week was a whirlwind. We knew we had to keep earning money to keep a roof over our
heads. At this stage we had discovered our insurance company was not going to cover our loss of
earnings and there had been no announcements of help for the self-employed. We were lucky
enough to still have lots of contacts with tuition centres across the United Kingdom who had all been
part of our former franchise. Zoom meetings began to take place and new plans started to form
within days.

Going Online

We spent the next week learning how to zoom and gathering resources to upload
online. On 8th April, I nervously clicked host a meeting on zoom and welcomed my first student to
my online world. My first lesson went so well! I was bouncing around the room to the horror of my
12 year old daughter afterwards, totally elated that it had worked and I could actually break out of
my comfort zone and tutor online!

A New Way of delivering the On Target Service

Fast forward 8 weeks and I am shocked at how we have manged to adapt. My husband and business
partner Martin is teaching Monday to Saturday and I’m teaching Monday to Thursday. We are fully
booked and I actually feel like we might be working harder than we ever have! We are tutoring
students far and wide across Northern Ireland and not just in the Lisburn area. I do really miss the
buzz of the tuition centre and the connection that you make with pupils when you meet them face
to face. I look forward to the day when we can open our doors and get back to teaching in person
but I’m also delighted to have learnt a new skill. I think this pandemic has been an amazing wake up
call for us. We are learning that we can’t have all our eggs in one basket and we need to diversify
our business if its going to be sustainable in the future.

New Opportunities and a chance to improve

It has also given me a chance to work on the resources side of our business. Understandably, this
has really boomed during the lockdown as parents need resources more than ever. Sales of our AQE
and GL Revision Books and Practice Papers have increased and we have also been selling our yearly
subscription model to schools and tutors. We have even had a large order from a tuition centre in
London. This was a market I had never considered exploring before! I’m now doing my research
with the hopes of securing more orders from across the water. If I have learned one thing in the
past couple of months it is that you never know what is just around the corner and you have to take
every opportunity that is thrown your way – if you can find the time to do it!”


Thank you Clare for sharing your story of how you stayed on target during the lockdown.

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staying on target during the lockdown

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