Solicitors & Legal Advice

Solicitors & Legal Advice

Online Directory of recommended members of The Mums At Work Network who are solicitors and who provide legal advice.


Members who are solicitors or who provide Legal Advice

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The most common reasons for people needing legal advice?

Apparently they are (in no particular order) as follows;

1. Making an accident compensation claim for personal injury.

2. Committing a criminal offence.

3. Making or updating your will.

4. Conveyancing which is buying or selling a property.

5. Consumer law. Purchased faulty goods.

6. Debt problems.

7. A construction or other property dispute where a builder has messed up.

8. Driving offences.

9. Divorce, separation or any other kind of family law problem.

10. An employment dispute between employer and employee.

In conclusion, there are many reasons to get legal advice. Hopefully some of our members can assist you. Firstly it is important to check and see if they specialise in the area that you need them in. It is always best to check if with someone proficient in the law first if you are unsure. This way, you have peace of mind and less sleepless nights.

It is always helpful to have a legal contact when you are in business.  Especially if you need a contract or “terms and conditions” drawn up for customers, employee contracts, especially when laws are constantly changing. Often employees and customers are more aware of their rights that the business.

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