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Signature Products from our Members

Signature Products from Our Members

Signature products are those that sell well no matter what, all the time because they are so fantastic! They are the products that customers come back for time and time again. They are also the products that customers recommend to their friends. We asked the members of our network what their hero products were and what sells for them time and time again. This is what they told us..

Signature Product by Michelle Fagan

For our Member Michelle Fagan, who has an online Neal’s Yard Pharmacy shop, her signature product that customers love the most is the Wild Rose Beauty Balm because of it’s multiple uses.  Michelle told us, “Wild Rose Beauty Balm is a multipurpose beauty must-have to help your skin glow with radiance.

Loved by customers and beauty editors alike, our award-winning Wild Rose Beauty Balm is a one pot wonder for all skin types. With antioxidant-rich, organic wild rosehip oil and a balancing blend of organic geranium and patchouli essential oils, this cult favourite nourishes skin and enhances your skin’s radiance, for a natural glow.

Rich in provitamin A (a source of retinol) and vitamin E, rosehip seed oil is highly beneficial to the skin.”

Signature Product by Karen Sufferin

For Karen Sufferin who is a Herbalife Consultant, her hero product is the new Herbalife Raspberry & White Chocolate Shake. Karen told us, “Our newest product has instantly become our most popular! Raspberry and White Chocolate flavour nutrition shake – soy free, dairy free, gluten free, natural sweeteners and packed with 25 vitamins and minerals!! A perfect breakfast or snack or use it up the nutrition in your recipes… I’m definitely trying the raspberry and white chocolate ice cream recipe I heard about yesterday. Sold out in 48 hours last week and just came back in stock last night.”



Signature Product by Claire Rimmer

Our Member, Claire Rimmer and her husband Martin own On Target Resources. She tutors children and provides specially written transfer papers. Her hero product is the Complete Maths and English Revision Books.  She explains, “It consists of nearly 500 pages packed full of teaching tips, exam style questions and revision quizzes to help children prepare for the AQE and GL tests. It is our most popular product and has had some great reviews from parents.”

On Target Resources Hero Product

Signature Product by Jacqueline Rooney

For our member, Jacqueline Rooney, her framed prints are very popular at the moment and can be found by contacting her via her Facebook Page.  The cost per print is £30 including p+p.  See just one of her prints below:

Jacqueline Rooney Hero Product

Signature Product by Sharon Bingham

Our Member Sharon Bingham of Rainbow Therapies told us that her hero product is her “All natural teething remedy made from flower essences which work with the emotions and are perfectly safe for babies to take.” Available from her Facebook Page.

Rainbow Therapies Hero Product

Signature Product by Noeleen Kelly

Noeleen Kelly’s Hero Product is her Isagenix Ionix Supreme – She told us “product at this time is our Ionix Supreme. It’s very rich in nutrients, herbs and adaptogens to help you chill out and stay focused. I call it the “happy mummy juice”. It gets your body back in balance.” Buy it directly from Noeleen in her online shop.
Isagenix Hero product

Signature Product by Jane at Dandy Lion Holywood

For Jane, owner of the Dandy Lion in Holywood, her kimonos are selling fast in her Etsy Shop.  Jane told us in our VIP Members Group, “Our fabulous Handmade Kimonos have been shipped world-wide since Lockdown – they are lightweight, easy to throw on over a Tee, dress up for Zoom meetings, great for walks, fab with jeans..” Photo of one of these amazing kimonos is below:

Dandy Lion Hero Product


Signature Product by Claire Brennan Clancy

Claire, who owns a Yoga Studio, told us, “At my Yoga Studio we retail Forever Living Products due to the fact that myself & family benefit from their Nutritional & Personal Care products daily. Our signature product is the popular Aloe Vera drinking gel which is 99.7% pure inner leaf Aloe Vera, preservative free, sugar free, high in Vitamin C and available in 1 litre & 330ml recyclable packaging.”  You can buy it directly from her online Forever shop here

Signature Product by Anjana Peacock

For Anjana, her signature and hero product that she sells is the LiveVantage NRF2 Protandim Supplement. She says, “People ask all the time what does Protandim NRF2 do?… the science is complex and hard to explain… But I’m short… Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer helps your cells produce their own antioxidants, so you can neutralize free radicals, feel younger, and live healthier.

Please feel free to ask me here about NRF2 activation. It’s for everyone and everyone should know about it at least.”


Signature Product by Clare Hegarty

Our Member Clare Hegarty makes these gorgeous affirmation cards for children. “My children’s positive affirmation cards. Designed by my kids for other little kids to build confidence and self esteem. They are bright and colourful cards and are such a wonderful way to get kids to open up and explore the language of positive self talk. I get so much great feedback from families and schools who have purchased them.”

Buy them on Clare’s etsy shop

Clare Hegarty hero product


Signature Product by Fee McToal Millinery

Fee’s signature product are her brand new headbands – available to buy on her website. With lock down hair, these are very practical and fashionable at the same time. She told me, “My scarf headbands have been the most popular so far. Easy to wear, washable and I know for me I need it as I can’t see my lovely hairdresser. I have also made a few with elastic at the back so you don’t need to tie it up. They are £25 each including p&p and I’m also doing a range if face covers that are popular as well.”

Fee McToal Millinery Hero Product

Christina Dickson – Norwex Signature Products

For Christina Dickson, her best seller is the Norwex “Safe Haven 5” package – it contains the  envirocloth, the window polish cloth, the dusting mitt, the cleaning paste and our amazing laundry powder. It’s got everything you need to start your Norwex journey and allows you to clean every aspect of your house without having to use harmful chemicals or having to compromise on results. Buy here

Betty Rodgers, a Blissful Blend Signature Product

At the moment Betty Rodgers best sellers are her Calm Balm and Helping Hands Hand cream. You can buy them from her Facebook Page

Lynsey Bennett – Lusso Tan’s Signature Products

For Lusso Tan, the signature products are the Lusso Tan New Face & Hand Mist. Buy using the link  Www.lussotan.com

Lusso Tan Signature products

Sharron McHugh – Molly & Me Candles Signature Products

Sharron told us., “I introduced these little wax melt sample bars so my customers could experience a range of scents. Usually the best opportunity for customers to have a sniff is at markets or events but obviously lockdown has meant we aren’t at these currently. They are flying off the shelves I am delighted to say and are taking over as my best seller.” Try them here https://mollyandmecandles.co.uk/

molly and me samples signature products


Joanne Chambers  – Tropic Skincare Signature Product

Joanne told us that during lockdown and pretty much all the time, her signature product is the ABC Range. She said “For me it’s the ABC collection. Great saving with your free mask..” Buy here


abc tropic signature collection


Laura Smith – The Pretty Little Company Signature Product

We asked Laura Smith what her signature products were and she told us, “My card and prints are my signature product, each one made to order and finished by hand. Order here The Pretty Little Company”

The pretty Little Company Signature Products


Melissa Kirkpatrick – The Body Shop at Home – Best Seller

We asked Melissa what her signature products were and she told us, “My best seller would be a liquid peel which comes in 3 of our ranges, drops of youth, drops of light and vitamin c. The peel removes dead skin and pollutants from your face but I also find it great to remove the dead skin from my feet and before I go for a spray tan I use it on my elbows, hands and knees to remove any dead skin.” Join her group here for more information.

Bodyshop at Home Signature Product

Janice Bailie English – Avon Beauty Signature Product

Janice told us it is her hand gels that were selling fast during lockdown. You can buy them online via her shop


avon signature product

Sharon McCrea – Sweet Escape’s Signature Product

Sharon McCrea told us, “Sweet Escape Products best seller is still our Domino natural soap bar, now available in a tin so you can maintain your hand hygiene wherever you are. Buy here Www.sweetescape.co.uk”

sweet escape products signature product

Claire McAlinden – The Midlife Woman

Claire told us in our VIP Group that her signature product is her Smart Coffee – “This smart coffee helps fight fatigue, improve mental clarity and focus, and curb your appetite!” Contact her on her Facebook Page for more information on how to purchase.

Claire McAlinden - Signature Coffee


Cathy Dempster – Willow Moon Signature Product

Cathy Dempster told us that her best selling products were “My Grace, Slates and shitty birthday mugs.” You can find these for purchase on her website Willow Moon Ireland. See Grace below


Louise McCartan – Loving Stitch Signature Products

For Louise McCartan, from Loving Stitch, her aprons have been her best sellers throughout lockdown.. and they look so pretty too! Order yours via her Facebook Page here

loving stitch signature products

Catherine Martin – Women Gone Strong – Signature Product

Catherine said that due to lockdown, she knows that we are all carrying a little excess weight. She says, “I’ve been using the XM+, ladies it’s amazing, it suppresses my appetite, I need to set reminders on my phone to remember to eat. It also gives you energy, and is packed full of Nutrients. Ladies you need this product to keep you away from the Biscuit Tin.” Buy here 

Aine Wallace – Fresh Little Education – her Lockdown Best Seller

During lockdown, Aine and her team have been working hard to get her positive products into the hands and homes of parents and kids everywhere. The limited edition ‘Mood Boosting Activity Box’ is a the most popular box of delight right now. Purchase here

Marie Walker – MyGiftStuff – Signature Product

Marie told us, “This is consistently one of our Best Sellers. Even with lockdown people are still buying one of our personalised bowls towels. If you know somebody who would like, you can order on our website – MyGiftStuff.co.uk

My Gift Stuff - Signature Products



Thank you to all our members for sharing! If you are interested in showcasing your products and connecting with other like minded women, join us here

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