Mums at Work VIP Member, Sharon McNulty owns Serenity Sparks Joy and is a KonMari™ Consultant based in the Omagh area and today she was on LIVE in our members group telling us all about her business.

Sharon is a professional home and business organizer and founder of “Serenity Sparks Joy.” She was trained by bestselling author and Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo. She goes into people’s homes and their businesses and help organised them.

Watch Sharon’s Video here:

Sharon would ask her clients to have a look at their home or office with fresh eyes. What are your eyes drawn towards and does this item spark ease or discontent? Does it inspire you to relax or productive if its work, or does it appear uninviting and chaotic? Do you feel positive about it or are you thinking my hearts sinking?

If your heart is sinking, then tidying is worth having a go. It’s simple its easy and because it’s so simple, it is effective, it works.

What is KonMari™?

The KonMari™ method is a once only event, if you do it correctly you won’t have to repeat it. That is why it is called a marathon. They start with your clothes, then move onto books, paperwork or office, then the rest of your items and then finish with sentimental items.

The method lets us create order and tidy effectively. We only hold on to what we absolutely love and that we want to look after and put back when we are finished.

How does clutter affect us?

It makes our mind cluttered which affects the decisions being made and our moods.

There are six rules of tidying:

  1. You commit to tidying up
  2. Imagine your ideal lifestyle and home
  3. Why you want to tidy?
  4. Discard
  5. Tidy by category
  6. Ask yourself if it sparks joy

Three things you should keep:

  1. Things that spark joy for you personally
  2. Items that are functional
  3. Things that will led to future joy

What is sparked joy?

It is an item that lights you up when you hold it. It might remind you of a special memory, it might make you happy whenever you see it or it could be that functional item that makes your day much easier.

If you are struggling with that concept, then ask yourself; Would you buy that item again today? If it got ruined would you spend your time and money replacing it?

Step by step clothes organizing:

  1. Gather all your clothes from wardrobes, laundry, coats by back door – everything
  2. Place them all together – this is what we call a clothes mountain
  3. Put them into categories – tops, trousers, coats separated together.
  4. Take them one by one and ask if it sparks joy for you, which do you absolutely love
  5. If it does spark joy get rid of it – if its old you can discard, you can donate, you can sell them or repurpose them
  6. Clean wardrobe and drawers
  7. Fold items to store them as it takes up less space
  8. You put them in so you can see every single item
  9. Don’t fold clothes that flutter in the breeze, anything prone to creasing or looks happier hung up – such as coats
  10. From here on only buy things that you absolutely love

Continue this in the same way with each category. At the end of all categories you will know what storage you have, and it is at this stage where Sharon says to get permanent storage. On the last session she will help rearrange storage to make things work. Sharon absolutely loves being a KonMari™ Consultant and enjoys the freedom & happiness her services brings to her customers.

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