Sharon Patterson & Elody Bride

Sharon Patterson & Elody Bride

The story behind, Sharon Patterson & Elody Bride, who started her career with a fashion management degree and who recently was  featured on Time and Good Morning America. There are many elements to Sharon’s life, including making custom veils, 3 children and 16000 laying hens.. 


Introducing our Mums at Work VIP Member, Sharon Patterson who told me,

“I graduated with a fashion management degree and I traveled to Australia and got some retail experience. I opened my bridal shop Elody Bride in Newry in November 2005 when I was 27 – almost 14 years ago – am I actually saying that!! Those days, I always said if I get past the first 3 years I’d be doing well! 

I’ve decided to post the picture below from a charity event I jointly ran 2 years ago called “let’s wear our dresses again.”  It was basically a party where people rocked up in their wedding dresses. It was a definite highlight over the years. The dress I am wearing is Eithne Bells wedding dress from the Kevin Bell Repatriation trust the charity we ran it for!


I’m married with 3 children 9, 7 & 4 and we also run 2 free range hen houses at home (16000 laying hens) yes so life for us is a constant juggling match. 

I’ve seen many highs and lows but bridal is in my blood and I love it!! I also fit the dresses and make custom made veils to match the bridal gowns.

Collaboration with Like Minded Suppliers

I love a good collaboration and working with other like minded suppliers. Last year I created the Meghan Markle replica veil alongside dress designer Shauna Fay. This was just within 21 hours after the Royal Wedding. When the images were released it went viral and we got featured on TIME and Good Morning America. One of my career highlights.

Sharon and The MAW Network

I love the MAW group and have huge admiration for Sinead Norton I really don’t know how you fit it all in! What a fabulous group of like minded knowledgeable ladies you have created.”

The MAW Network also loves good collaboration and loves when members come together to help each other host an event, put packages together to share to their customers, and when they actively recommend and refer each other. 


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