Sarah Benning, the Blueberry Patch

How Sarah Benning & The Blueberry Patch

Sarah Benning & her Business The Blueberry Patch

Sarah Benning started her business “The Blueberry Patch” over a decade ago which allowed her to work at home and bring up her two sons.

Sarah came up with her business name through her love of blueberries. The Blueberry Patch consists of bunting, cushions, pillows, sachets and shoppers which Sarah hand prints vintage illustrations and images onto using her printing press. Her ideal customer is someone who loves and understands her products and therefore continues to buy them. You can shop these products from Etsy or Instagram.

Product from The Blueberry Patch

Sarah Benning “Be Bold & Pursue your Dream”

When it comes to her business, Sarah like many others, faces everyday problems such as missing parcels. When giving advice on this she says, “communication is key”, by keeping customers up to date with their orders. Another challenge Sarah faces with working from home is that she doesn’t leave the work space after her work day is over. Therefore the only thing she would change is having her home and work spaces separate to maintain a stress-free environment.

The advice Sarah gives to anyone starting off in business is “Be bold, be brave and pursue your dream“. When asked what she loved most about her job, she expressed her love for the independence and flexibility of self employment but also her freedom to be creative.

Five Top Products that the Blueberry Patch provides:

  1. Hand Printed shopper bags like this lovely one 
  2. Scented sachets, also Hand Printed like this lavender filled one
  3. Hand Printed fragranced pillows
  4. Illustrated Hand Printed Greeting cards
  5. Hand Printed Bunting including this French Vintage Seed Packet Bunting

Visit more items in Sarah;s Etsy Shop

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