Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment Document for Clinics & Therapists

Risk Assessment Document for Clinics

Our member, Trish O’ Hara, The Acupuncturist, based in Belfast has completed an editable risk assessment document for clinics & therapists. She has kindly offered it to any members of the group who may benefit, whether health, beauty or holistic therapists but who essentially work “one on one” with their customers in a clinic setting.

Why the need for a Risk Assessment?

Trish told me, “In a response to Coronavirus (COVID 19), it is essential for all health and therapy businesses who can’t maintain the social distancing recommendations have a risk assessment in place to protect themselves, staff, clinic visitors and their clients/patients in light of the current crisis. This is an editable template specifically to prevent the spread of this virus. In Northern Ireland, there is a strong emphasis in evaluating risks before going back to work. You may be asked for a risk assessment for your work place. Everyone should have one.”

So it might be a requirement for your insurance, by the council or just to have so you can protect your business and show you are taking the steps needed to safeguard you, your customers, your staff and any visitors to your place of work.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to download for free. I would like to thank Trish for kindly sharing this with us and it will no doubt save many others from having to create it from scratch. You are very welcome to share this page with any friends who this might benefit as well. It is in these uncertain times that we should pull together and help each other. If you need any help with grants and funding, here is the link to the NI Business Info Website 

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Clinic Risk Assessment Document


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