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Privacy Policy

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What personal data we collect and why we collect it


This notice is to explain why I, Sinead Norton, collect your personal data. It explains what I do with it.  I am working in accordance with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); terms from the regulation are indicated in bold.

When you supply your personal details to me, when we communicate by email, and when I take notes in the clinic, this information is stored and processed for four reasons in line with the GDPR requirements:

1. I collect personal information about you in order to provide you with the best possible information on the upcoming events, workshops, coffee mornings or advice. If you provide your information, this is proof that you have requested this information and our agreement to provide that the information provided constitutes in law an (unwritten) contract.

2. I have a legitimate interest in collecting that information, because without it I wouldn’t be able to provide you with the correct notifications.

3. I keep records of your contact information so that I can contact you in order to send information or to update you on matters related to the Mums at Work Networking Group / Club. This again constitutes a legitimate interest, but this time it is your legitimate interest.

4. Provided I have your consent (and this only needs to be verbal consent), I may occasionally send you individualised information by email in the form of articles or advice. I will not send out generalised leaflets or advertisements. You may withdraw this consent at any time – just let me know by any convenient method.

Privacy Policy – Record Keeping

You can ask me to delete your records at any time, if you wish. Otherwise, I will retain your records indefinitely in order that I can provide you with the best possible updates.

Your emails are stored in an online file within my Gmail email program which is password protected. This program has a very good track record in terms of security. This carries a low risk of being vulnerable to a security breach.

I also keep a file on my password protected computer at home which stores the orders for events.

As MAW Network owner, I am the only person who has access to your records, invoice files and emails. I will never share your information with anyone. If I need to share information, I will get your written consent.

You have the right to see what personal data of yours I hold, and you can also ask me to correct any factual errors. I am legally required to respond to any request from a customer to see their personal data within a timescale of 30 days. However, I would ensure that I responded as soon as I possibly could to any reasonable request for access to personal records.

I am confident that I am treating your personal data responsibly.

Of course, if you feel that I am mishandling your personal data in some way, you have the right to complain. Please first raise your concern with me, as I hope very much I will be able deal with any concerns you might have. However, you can also raise a concern directly with the Information Commissioner’s Office on

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