All about Vicky Hunter and her business.


We asked Vicky Hunter about her business journey and how she has achieved success. We also asked her about her advice for other business women.

I started my business after buying my first home and falling in love with the Scentsy products, I did not know any local consultants and thought I should sign up to order my own products and maybe sell them to friends and family. 

My Scentsy business is mainly warmers and waxes, with over 80 scents in wax bars and the lifetime warranty and safety aspect of warmers they always prove the most popular. We do have a whole range of products with something for everyone no matter their age or style.

The main products that I have in my business are wax and warmers, cleaning products, laundry products, kids products, on-the-go scented products, and a lot more.

I love that my small business allows my family to live a lifestyle we love. Also that we as a family have made so many new friends and love what we do. I love that I earn not only free products but also all expenses paid trips to Amsterdam, Canada, New York, Bermuda, and Disneyland. 

I can consider my business to stand out from the crowd because of the genuine love I have for it. Firstly, I love the products and use them all daily. Secondly, I love our team members – they inspire and motivate daily. Finally, I love my customers, without them none of this would be possible. I am truly blessed with my small business.

Vicky Hunter: Advice for others

My piece of advice to other people who are starting their businesses is to make sure you love what you’re starting out on, remember to make your brand like you because people will buy from you and it’s all because of you. Don’t be scared, enjoy it all. It can be very hard but it is oh so worth it!

I get my customers from referrals, the products are that good that people are instantly addicted and share them with their friends and family. I love how we gain so many customers through others’ feedback and love of the products.

The greatest struggle that I am encountering with my business is time management. Sometimes balancing mum life and business life is extremely hard. But I always say if you want something bad enough you will work for it, and nothing worth having comes easy!

The greatest achievement that I had with my business is I was promoted to Director, this was and is a huge achievement with Scentsy. Only 2% of people make it to this level. I am so proud of myself and my team for achieving this. During my spare time, I enjoy family life and making memories with loved ones.

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