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Contact: Aine Morgan
Website: Aine Morgan’s Website

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I’m a coach for high achieving mums who want to kill it at work and be home in time for dinner and bedtime.

You CAN have it all.

Say no to guilt, no to yelling at your kids and yes to connected, thriving relationships and a career you love.
Let’s do this!


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Voice and Confidence Coach Generally Speaking
Cell Phone: 07711398222 Website:

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Ever been lost for words?  Or had a sleepless night worrying about a presentation, or a speech, or a conversation you need to have?  Are you one of the estimated 75% of the population that suffers from Glossophobia (or the fear of public speaking)?

I can help!

As a voice and confidence coach I can help you overcome your fears and anxieties, nail that important presentation and wow the interview panel, or even the wedding guests!  There are lots of concrete, practical tips and skills I can teach you and as a professional actress and Life Coach I can guide you through the process to speaking clearly and confidently.  We all deserve to be heard!

For more information on rates and availability, head over to my Generally Speaking social media pages or email me on

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Contact: Catriona Jones
Work Holywell Trust Bishop Street Derry Cell Phone: 07972 040236 Website: Catriona Jones Website

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Mother, Wife, Teacher, Coach, Motivational Speaker
I am passionate about motivating and teaching women to live a meaningful, purposeful and prosperous life.


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Contact: Geraldine McGrath
Cell Phone: 07894084504 Website: Shop with Geraldine

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👑 Mum of 4
🌎Global Female Entrepreneur, Coach & Mentor
🙌Creating extraordinary lifes for ordinary people
✈️ Love Holidays & Travel
👗 Loves Fashion



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Jill Gordon Business & Therapeutic NLP Coach
Work Downpatrick Cell Phone: 07894957017

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Business & Therapeutic NLP Coaching.

1-1 Coaching, specialising in anxiety management

Business Coaching

Mental Health Awareness sessions

Promoting Good Mental Health in the Workplace Workshop

Building a Mental Health Strategy for your business

Personal Development Programs

All training programs devised and designed by Jill. Can be tailored to your business or organisation.

10 years coaching experience with an motivated, focused and compassionate outlook.


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Contact: Kathy Watters
Work Maguiresbridge Fermanagh Cell Phone: 07809773731 Website: Kathy Watter’s Website

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 I am an Intuituve Energy Healer & Transformational Coach for women and I am passionate about empowering women to heal, embrace who they are and create life they love!
I am also a single mum to my 3 beautiful daughters and in my spare time I love to read, write, walk and explore new places.
With a background in Social Work, I took the decision a few years back to set up my own business. I have trained extensively in the areas of self development and coaching as I realised the benefits that these teachings had upon my own life and wanted to help transform and enrich the lives of other women who want more from life too. As a Louise Hay ‘Heal Your Life’ teacher, Bio Energy therapist and Advanced Law of Attraction practitioner all of my work involves a holistic approach taking into account the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects of each person in guiding towards their own healing and journey of self discovery.
Services include Life Coaching (in person or online), Energy Healing, Workshops & Retreats.
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The Business Pixie
Cell Phone: 07517038676
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Founder The Swan Doctor
Work 148 Shore Road Ballyronan Londonderry Magherafelt BT45 6LS Northern Ireland Cell Phone: 07534190651 Website: The Swan Doctor

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Dr Ruth Miller-Anderson is a multi-award-winning pharmacist, academic, project manager and entrepreneur. Over more than 20 years, Ruth’s career path has taken her through multiple settings and directions.  She initially worked in community pharmacy but her interest in research led her to doing a PhD at Queen’s University Belfast where she subsequently became a lecturer. Life events then triggered some of Ruth’s subsequent changes in career direction which include working with GP practices, and a move into self-employment and business.  Ruth diversified again into hospital pharmacy in 2010 and became an associate of the Ulster University at a time when she was experiencing great adversity in her personal life.


Determined to get through this challenging time for the sake of her daughter, and to stay strong and focused, Ruth turned to coaching and has worked with leading business, life and mindset coaches for more than a decade.  Ruth then designed and project managed new and innovative pharmacy services for older people which, due to positive outcomes, have been permanently funded and rolled out across Northern Ireland.  She is now working in the Department of Health in Northern Ireland leading on a new policy for integration of pharmacy services.


Her interest and passion for personal development led Ruth to start blogging about her career and life experiences as her alter-ego ‘The Swan Doctor’ in 2016.  The emotional response to her story on her blog has now led Ruth to helping others and becoming a success and transformation coach. Ruth’s focus is mainly on coaching female healthcare professionals with a desire to create fulfilment and success in all areas of their life, but she is open to working with and helping any busy professionals who resonate with her life story.


Ruth is available for coaching and speaking bookings,

Or if you are interested in being coached by, and working with Ruth, please book a free discovery session on her website.

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Mindmenders & Wellness Hub
Work Unit 2 39-53 Bloomfield Avenue Belfast Down Belfast BT5 5AA Northern Ireland Cell Phone: 07814187735 Work Phone: 02890450903
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Life and Executive Coach Doreen Ritchie Coaching
Cell Phone: 07761476920 Website: Doreen Ritchie Coaching
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Contact: Sinead Parfitt
Work Banbridge Parish Centre Banbridge Cell Phone: 07949 259196 Website: Sinead Lunny Speech & Drama Website: Public Speaking NI

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Sinead Lunny Speech & Drama

“As a child, I lived for competing in local Speech and Drama festivals, passing my graded Speech and Drama examinations, participating in debating competitions and musicals at school and taking part in shows with amateur dramatic societies. Time for me to guide others in the same direction and ignite the same passion in them!”

Public Speaking NI

Corporate and private client Public Speaking coaching offered in groups or one-to-ones. Perfect for work presentations and wedding speeches alike!



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Mrs Reset life coachingHealth & wellbeing
Work 132 Abbey ring Down Holywood Bt18 9pw Cell Phone: 07765405927 Website: Website

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More About Me | Life Coach Belfast | North Down | Reset life coaching| Rosa Stevens

My name is Rosa Stevens. I am based in the friendly Northern Ireland. I am the founder of Reset Life Coaching. I’m seriously lucky to do a job I love so much, and I’ve been blessed with success. However, I believe my greatest assets as a coach are my own personal and professional experience, my empathy and non judgemental character enable me to really understand what is going on for others. I have unpacked my own ‘stuff’ and I continue to do so every day and in each session by reflecting my own listening filters.


I like to keep it real and I don’t believe in trying to be someone other than my authentic self. If I believe I am the right coach for you then great, we can do great work from there.


Coaching with me is a conversation, the aim of which is to get to the truth. From there we’ll make a plan to guide you to achieve your goals both personally and professionally.


It’s a beautiful, challenging, enlightening and fun process during which you will laugh, you might cry, you’ll think deeply, and you’ll grow into your authentic self.


A little bit about me…



I was born in Italy, raised by wonderful Italian parents passionate about their catering businesses. I moved to Northern Ireland at the young age of 12, loved it so much that I made it my beautiful home. With the challenges of a new language, I achieved my qualifications and proceeded to follow the family path by opening my own cafe at the age of 19, whilst raising my new born. A few years later I decided to be bold and fulfil my long lost dream to become a cabin crew and loved every moment of it until I started to see that my “calling” was elsewhere. I boldly left a well paid job and proceeded to become a full time student and gain my first degree, whilst running a family and working. My life changed dramatically in 2009, the shock of which forced me to reassess everything and I very quickly began a new life journey. From here on I knew my “calling”. I went back to University and began working as an Integrative counsellor and Life Coach. I now know that our crises in life can be the absolute making of us…



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Contact: Ruth Miller Anderson

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Welcome to ‘The Swan Doctor’ aka Ruth! Here to help & support your personal development growth through blogging, coaching and sharing my life experiences as a successful professional woman. Read more here:

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Contact: Ann Worland

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Ann here from Uplifting Women thank you for taking the time to read this – I believe there is a reason you find yourself here. I qualified as a Life Coach back in 2004 and from then I have been involved in lots of different things including network marketing, weight loss consulting, even some creative adventures. workshops, meetups and of course 1-2-1 coaching. The one thing that remains constant is my passion to uplift women. I honestly believe it’s so very important for us all to lift each other up on life’s journey. We can do this in so many ways – be it a smile, a compliment, a helping hand, a kind word, a positive quote or indeed a service or product that makes a positive impact on someones life.

My hope is that Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to change your life for the better – as it has and continues to do so for me. As I always say we have the answers however life gets so busy, mixed up and complicated at times we forget. That’s where I come in – I get to ask you the questions that can help you get started, help you become unstuck, help you discover what’s holding you back, help you look at and explore your life choices and much more. It is magical being part of that light bulb moment when one question becomes the key that unlocks something deep inside and you realize you can change and you do get to choose how your really want to live your life.

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