Patricia Martin – The Climbing Tree

Patricia Martin has owned The Climbing Tree for 16 years.

Patricia Martin - The Climbing Tree - MAW VIP Member

It is a privately owned facility that offers breakfast clubs, after school clubs and holiday play care across 3 locations in East Belfast.

At the Climbing Tree, the priority is PLAY as they believe this is an important aspect, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Patricia has ensured that the team is full of experienced and qualified staff to cater to children’s needs.

At the climbing tree they offer:

  • Snacks
  • Holiday care
  • School Collections and Drop off
  • Family Discounts

Find out more about The Climbing Tree HERE

Patricia Martin is also a Tropic Skincare Ambassador and team leader. Find her online here



Why Patricia Martin joined Mums At Work

When Patricia started her business 16 years ago, she had to find her own feet and had very little support.

With the support through the MAW Network, it has been great along with all the online stuff.

I have also been able to get recommendations from these women because they are people I can trust.

Patricia said, “In business we all need other people to help us on the way because there is no need to struggle on your own like I did for many years.”


Patricia Martin - The Climbing Tree _ MAW VIP Member

Patricia Martin, The Climbing Tree

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