Sugar Cravings

Overcoming Sugar Cravings with Eatology by Claire

Sugar Cravings and the Lengths you go to Overcome Them

Do you have Sugar Cravings? Our Member, Claire Feldman from Eatology told us “The average woman spends £25,000 on weight loss products over the course of her lifetime.”

Crazy right?!

Claire continues, “We know that a staggering 95% diets end in weight regain, so there has to be a better way! I work exclusively with women to help them quit dieting for good and overcome their issues with food. Without doubt, the number one request I get is help in overcoming sugar cravings,

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Sugar Cravings Gone!

Claire has been working as a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT) for eight years. She is constantly astounded at the significant improvements in her clients’ well-being made by dietary and lifestyle changes.  Claire believes it was inevitable that she would found Eatology, not just because of her passion for all things wellness related but due to her own personal journey with food, weight and body image issues.

Eatology was born out of the frustration of seeing a market saturated with diets and fad products. These promise a great deal, instant results and short-term success. However, they actually deliver very little benefits to those who need it. Certainly not anything that could be described as sustainable health improvement, both physical and mental.

Claire believes we’ve lost touch with what it means to feel well and eat well. Our busy lifestyles and the stress of the modern-day, ‘always-on’ culture.

We look for easy solutions in products and instant fixes. These have heavy marketing campaigns and bold claims. For example, “lose one stone in a week” etc. If it sounds too good to be true, it is.


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