The story of Powerhouse Physiotherapist Orlaith Talty.

Orlaith Talty, founder of The Powerhouse in Newry told us her business story and how she helps others:

“As a Physio, I’ve always had a passion for movement and honestly think it is the best medicine! My career led me firstly to teach Pilates as a Physio, then eventually into Pelvic Health where I found a new love for my job and a specialty that interests me. I attended numerous courses and gained experience through my role in the NHS and teaching and learning more about Pilates. Then, when I became pregnant myself I wanted to give women access to a service that they needed during and after pregnancy so The Powerhouse was born.


More about why Orlaith Talty Created The Powerhouse

I wanted to provide a space where women could feel confident to move well during pregnancy, to return to exercise postpartum and provide a specialist pelvic health service where all mums could have a full post-pregnancy check- something that is not currently available in the NHS.

The Powerhouse aims to help women (and men!) feel empowered about their bodies at all stages of their life. Our Pilates classes cater for everyone- mat-based classes for all abilities plus specialist classes for those who are pregnant or recovering from birth, as well as Reformer classes for all abilities. Each class is led by a physio so special care and attention are provided at all times. Within the past year due to restrictions on group exercise The Powerhouse has also developed an online presence to continue to serve our Pilates clients- they can enjoy their live class with us over zoom, or catch up online in their own time. This has been a great success with some of our members now able to attend multiple classes a week, they can see the benefits of regular movement on the mind and body!

 Services that The Powerhouse and Orlaith Talty Provides

The Powerhouse also provides a specialist Pelvic Health clinic- serving women at any life stage with issues such as bladder or bowel leaks, diastasis recti (“split” tummy muscles), prolapse, urgency, frequency, and pelvic pain. We run a service called The Mummy MOT- a specialist postnatal check that is suitable for those from 6 weeks postpartum to 26+years postpartum. Most women put up with symptoms without seeking help as they are embarrassed or fear nothing can be done, however, there are several treatment options available to women and no one should have to suffer in silence. It is my aim that The Powerhouse provides a service for women “to the bump and beyond”- a friendly place to move, to problem solve, and to support at all stages of life.

Online Pilates classes – Regular classes for all abilities, specialist classes for pregnancy and postpartum. Access live or in your own time.

Matwork and Reformer classes (restrictions permitting)- exclusively Physio-led Pilates classes on the mat and the Pilates Reformer in a brand new studio in Newry.

Pelvic Health Clinic – The Mummy MOT- a specialist postnatal check assessing your posture, breathing, abdomen, and pelvic floor with a customized rehab plan suitable from 6weeks + postnatal. No upper time limit on when this can be beneficial- improvements can be made many years later.

Cancer Rehab – Orlaith is a certified Pinc Cancer Rehab therapist and provides rehab for those who are going through or have completed their cancer treatment.

Private Pilates sessions – these can be online or in-person at present (following a Covid risk assessment)

Scar work – Hands-on treatment of scars to reduce tension, aid movement, and help comfort. Suitable after a wide range of surgeries or other causes for scars.


I can make a difference in people’s quality of life and I feel very privileged to be in that position.

Pain, pelvic floor dysfunction, and discomfort can affect confidence, activity levels, body image, and mood. I want every woman to be able to access physio care for their pelvic health at all stages of their life and I feel The Powerhouse is taking strides to ensure this is the case. As a Physio, I believe that movement can be one of the best medicines and I enjoy watching someone grow in ability and confidence through the Pilates classes provided at The Powerhouse. As a mother to a young family myself, I enjoy showing my daughter that women can be successful in business despite the challenges we may have to face.

The Powerhouse is the only Physio Led Group Pilates studio in the Newry area. It is also the only local Physio practice providing The Mummy MOT. I am very proud to be building a much-needed service for local women.


You can find me on social media:
Instagram : thepowerhousenewry
Facebook :thepowerhousenewry

Advice for others starting a business

My advice to those who are starting their business is that, Be brave! As my Grandad would have said- there’s very little in life is a hanging offense. Don’t be afraid to take the chance on yourself. I spent too much time telling myself I couldn’t do it because of x,y,z. I still have a long way to go with this internal negative dialogue. However, if one thing is for sure and certain, I will have no regrets over not trying my best. That’s all anyone can ask of themselves.

Stepping back! It’s a constant struggle to switch off when you hold the reins and you have a passion for what you do. I need to heed the advice I give my clients, you can’t fill from an empty cup! My accountant might also say my biggest struggle is knowing my numbers lol but I am learning every day!

I’ve recently moved to new premises on Merchants Quay in Newry. So I have the most amazing Pilates studio waiting to open when restrictions permit. It’s bright, airy, and spacious and it will be a pleasure to welcome clients through my new doors. This is the biggest step I’ve taken on my own with my business and at a time when it is very difficult for any business to survive.

I have also just invested in a real-time ultrasound unit for my pelvic health clinic. I am currently doing some training in its use. I’m delighted to be adding this to what I offer in the clinic. It can help women understand their bodies and help themselves improve.

Spend time with my family, reading, doing Pilates! I also love getting outside and am very lucky to live beside a mountain. There are lots of lovely walks around me.”

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