Noeleen Kelly

Noeleen Kelly

Noeleen Kelly & Her Business “Nutrition with Noeleen.”

Noeleen Kelly helps her clients with weight management and nutrition using amazing products and intermittent fasting. She helps people to get to their ideal weight and maintain it so they can look and feel the best they can. Her products help with stress, better sleep, improved skin, gut health, energy and performance plus much more. Noeleen’s products are nutritionally dense food and drinks to help repair your body and get it working at its best.

These products are IsaLean Shakes which are nutritious and balanced meal replacement for weight control and muscle building. They include 24 grams of high-quality protein including whey and milk protein. Nourish for Life is a drink that provides your body with essential nutrients that support your body’s functions. These are just two examples of the products you will receive. Noeleen also has a great support network of people.

Why Noeleen started her business

Noeleen began her business after putting on weight and was very stressed while caring for her mother. She said to herself; “I need to do something about this.” She was then introduced to the products mentioned above and had a fantastic transformation. After inquiries for these products she got commission and turned it into a business.

Noeleen loves her business because of the great satisfaction she feels when seeing her customers get the results they want. She said; “The products are so good, and I know I’m fuelling my body with excellent nutrition.” She feels that everyone should be more aware of what they are feeding their body, gut health and why.

Noeleen Kelly


Why Noeleen Joined Mums at Work

Noeleen joined Mums at Work because she loves real, good people and knew she would find some fantastic girls and she did! She has also collaborated with a few of them and loves how helpful and supportive everyone is along with how great the craic is.


You can contact Noeleen on Facebook and Instagram here or visit her online shop. Alternatively you can contact her using the contact form below.


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