Network Strategies you need to try

There are different steps and networking strategies that can help you connect better and move your career forward through networking. Adding these steps to your networking schedule and making them a habit will have a positive impact on making your career grow.

  • Try connecting on social media

Follow and engage with people in your industry on Instagram. It’s a small way to get connected and see what they are doing to be successful in your industry. This will also get your name out there. The best way is to follow accounts with the same customer audiences, who have the same amount of followers as yourself or more.

  • Send casual, no pressure emails

It can be hard to network in person through coffee meetings as people are busy. Instead, try networking with casual emails to make a connection. You can do this through sending congratulations on a recent launch or send them articles or books that you think they may like. This way is a good way to connect without having the pressure to reply immediately and keep you on the other persons mind. If you send emails selling products and services without being genuine, you are more likely to be ignored. Networking is a two way street.

  • Be direct

Do you have a specific enquiry or question? Be direct. Let others know that you are wanting to speak about it and offer to have a quick phone call instead of meeting up if they would prefer this.

By being direct, you can save time for yourself and the other person. You are also helping ensure the conversation will actually happen and that you will get what you need. Asking for advice or help is always received well.

  • Think outside the box

Having a network outside of your industry can give you insight into when you plan your next career move. Find other ways outside of work to meet people. For example, you can join a yoga group or volunteer at a fundraising event in your community. Its not always about work and more about expanding the group of people you know. This can ultimately lead to more connections to people in your industry without even trying. This is through direct word of mouth. Having different networks is the key.

  • Find people in the same situation as you

If you are working from home or freelancing, you have many perks on a personal level. However, this is restricting you from meeting new people and forming new connections.

Trying to join a meet-up group with people in the same situation as you, even if they are not in the same industry. This can allow you to get some face to face connections with people who want the same thing as you: support, advice and sometimes just a friend who understands them. This has been the main benefit for many who have joined The Mums at Work Network (read more about it here)

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