Marie Walker, MyClubStuff

Marie Walker, MyClubStuff

Marie Walker, MyClubStuff

An innovative solution to the age old problem of sourcing & supplying merchandise

Mums At Work Network Member Marie Walker founded MyClubStuff with her husband Tony.

They help clubs, charities & organisations by providing them with, and managing for them, a customised online e-commerce shop

This enables a club to have their own range of customised merchandise, without any of the work. Nor do they have the responsibility or financing, normally required! A sports club is able to effortlessly organise their kit order / any tour merchandise needed throughout the year. Plus they don’t have to wait weeks for bulk orders. The supporters can also buy from the online store any day of the year and at their own convenience.

Perfect for PTAs, Clubs, Gyms and more

For the PTA, it can be set up to sell school merchandise and without any work required by the volunteers. Or if you are a charity, you can offer your supporters something tangible in exchange for their donation. This is without any financial risk to the valuable fundraising. For a new band, you can sell your ‘merch’ just like any other band. However you are without having to use your own finances to do it. You can spend your money on organising that tour instead!

Set up a Merchandise Shop for your Business without any major outlay

Your own online store, also ensures that your club image, crest, design or logo is used in a consistent way which maintains a professional image, for you and your Brand.
They are also able to offer assistance with much more than just merchandise. Trophies, equipment, fundraising, specific campaign management and much more.
Find out more about The MAW Network and the Membership here

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