Mums at Work VIP Membership

The Mums at Work VIP Membership

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Our Membership is £6 / month or £49.99 per year

What is The Mums at Work Network?

The Mums At Work Network is a community of female business owners and entrepreneurs. The goal is to connect, build relationships, support and advise each other. Relationships are built, the members refer and recommend each other to their friends and family. They also collaborate with each other on services, products and events.

What are the benefits of joining?

Members can support each other and get real time advice and support from others who may be specialist in that area. Or perhaps they have experienced similar problems and found a solution to overcome it.

Within our group we share online resources and advice to help in all areas of life, both business and personal.

Members can list all their details on our online public members directory. They can access our online social media resources.

Five reasons to join our Mums at Work VIP membership

1. Stay on the cutting edge of your field.

Networking group meetings often involve training and advice from others about updates and products. You hear about them in a setting with other professionals will give you the opportunity to learn about changes and trends before it’s too late. By asking questions and understanding the new developments that arise in your industry, you’ll receive an informal type of continuing education to help your business thrive.

2. Find people who can support you.

Being in a business organization instantly creates a sense of community that can lend itself well to finding people who are willing to help you with things you can’t do yourself.

3. Have customers sent your way.

People who you have met and networked with come in contact with someone who is looking for a product you deliver, they are likely to recommend you. This is because they have a personal relationship with you, which gives you a leg up on your competition.

4. Credibility.

Be involved in your industry to give you credibility with your customers, partners, investors and suppliers. When you are dedicated enough to your craft or industry to get involved outside of your own venture, customers detect your ability to innovate and grow with them as a client.

5. Membership benefits.

Join the Mums at Work VIP Membership to offer member to member benefits and drive others to your products and services.

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