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Feature on The MAW Network Blog

Feature on The MAW Network Blog

Please fill in the form below to be feature on The MAW Network blog. This is then shared on our social media. It would be great to give us as much information as possible so that we can write a blog to promote you, inspire others and to promote your role in our network. 

Tell us your business story, where you began, your love for your business. When you started your business, there must have been a reason for your to pursue your path. What have you learned that you can help others with? What do you wish others would have told you? Please share as much of your own story as you can. People buy from people they like, know and trust – Authenticity matters.

I ask here what problems you solve for others. This will be what people search for on Google? What do they ask Google that might lead them to need your services? This is what we want to include in your blog so that we can help others find you. 

As part of our network, you many have collaborated with other members, been recommended and referred, We love to hear these stories so we can tell the story of women helping women. Our network is full of these stories and we want others to hear them so they can join and we can increase our network. When we increase the size of our network, we are able to increase the chance of building relationships so we can be recommended and referred. 

Thank you for taking part x If you are not a member already, click here for more information. Only Members can enter their details

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