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Ms Vicky Neill

Owner Exhale PT BELFAST
Work 1 Marine Court Newtownabbey Belfast BT37 0FE Cell Phone: 07393871082


My name is Vicky. I am a mother to Ben who is 14 and has special needs and Sadie who is 5 and a tiny hurricane.

I practice wellbeing through Personal Training, Nutrition, green and talk therapy.

My studio is private; essentially a safe space for clients to relax and work out a specific plan towards health of mind, body and spirit.

There is no typecast client.

Each and every client is treated with the utmost care. From CEO’s of multi million pound companies right through to single mothers like myself.

When you visit me all sessions are client led. That is your time to recalibrate and focus on YOU.

My mission statement is to promote wellbeing through self care, kindness and understanding. Exhale is here to set people free of judgement and to allow every single person to flourish in their self development.


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