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Founder Contact: Evelyn Calvin
Work 6 Birchview Manor Portadown Armagh Cell Phone: 07701057616 Website: Pathway to learning


My name is Evelyn and I founded Pathway To Learning in 2012 when I was made redundant and a lot of families needed services.

I have always worked with the Autism population in my career and became a Behaviour Analyst in 2009. It’s a very rewarding job teaching kids new skills when other professionals claim they are ‘unteachable’. We only use evidence-based approaches and have taught skills such as talking/communication; sleep; toileting; academics; eating; hair cutting; dentist fears; play & many more. Early intervention is key so love getting a 2year old client but my oldest client is 21yrs. No day is the same. I travel the length of the country. I’m definitely not in the field for the money (hate even calling it a business) as I usually put most profits back into professional development/keeping up with continuing education credits to uphold my certification to practice.

I have a 3year old son Parker who features on my instagram page quite a bit as ethically as professionals we cannot use clients identification. Since having Parker I now work part-time and have a passion for play and child development through play. We love socialising together at toddler groups, jo jingles, athletics, swimming, libraries …. my life does revolve around my son and my work will always come second. Now that he’ll be going to nursery full time I’ll have a bit more time on my hands to expand my business a bit and so am on here to get some advice on that.

I also love yoga and trained as a kids yoga teacher last year but have only used it in 1:1 formats. I also have a passion for positive parenting and mindfulness for kids as well as mental health. I do some work for The Salvation Army so also interested in homelessness and ways of preventing it.


Evelyn Calvin, wife of John, a helicopter engineer and mum to Parker (3).

Owner of Pathway to Learning, a behavioural consultancy and early intervention clinic for children with developmental delays and/or Autism. Have two great girls Elaine & Sarah who work for me. We provide home support & training in Applied Behaviour Analysis as well as training to schools, organisations and nurseries.

Have lots of business ideas and recently launched on Instagram so can’t wait to learn more from other like-minded strong women on MAW. Check out my page @pathway_to_learning on Instagram. Need to update my website as it’s a bit dull and boring now



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