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Made In The Motherhood
Work 2 Windsor Terrace Coagh Cookstown Tyrone BT800ET Tyrone Cell Phone: 07477700147


My name is Niamh and for he past decade I have been busy building my family and dreaming of opening up my own business.

Apparently I decided to wait until I had 3 children until I was ready to start my own Mama Merchandise business. You know, because after 3 babies you obviously have loads of time on your hands! 😂

No, I’m joking. Honestly, I have actually been dreaming of this happening ever since I had my first daughter back in 2014. Ever since I became a Mother I felt like I became a part of something so much bigger than just being ‘someone’s Mum’. As Mothers we become the most important thing in the world to someone, we come part of a massive community of women who are thriving, yet struggling, beautiful, yet stressed, amazing, yet tough on themselves and I wanted a brand that reflected the humour and strength of being a Mum – so I’ve created one.

Ive started small but who knows where this will lead ❤️


Thanks for for your interest and support ❤️

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2 Windsor Terrace Coagh BT800ET Tyrone

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