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Photo of Modesta Ferreira

Modesta Ferreira

Mrs Marketing Coaches NI
Work Dungannon Website: Marketing Coaches NI



I coach and help business owners to develop a sale and marketing system for their business that stays consistent, and cracks the rhythmic aquisition of customers. I am the ONLY female Entrepreneurs circle certified coach in Norhter Ireland.

With my guidance and support they are able to achieve their desired profits and life.

The most successful entrepreneurs and business owners are consistent at driving revenue into their business.

As Entrepreneurs circle certified coach i not only have a world class program but also access to many more resources and a team that can help overcome all your challenges.

Many EC clients have seen a huge improvements in their business but more importantly in what they can do with increased cash flow and profits that they generate as well as improved life balance without the need of feeling overwhelmed about not having a strategic plan to move their business forward.

Most small business owners dont own a business, they own a job.They started their business out of passion, freedom, desire for more. But then somehwere along their time they lose their way.

As the owner, your number one responsibility is to get and keep customers. Your entire work as an entrepreneur lives and dies by how effective your sales and marketing is at producing consistent cash flow.

Once you decide to grow your business, you’re no longer an accountant, an electrician, a beauty therapist or a business consultant (or whatever it is that you do).

Instead, at least for a big chunk of time each week, you have to become a marketer of what you do.

You have to become a marketer because the fate of your business – and the lifestyle of you and your family – lies in your ability to market what you do really effectively.

Now, you may not like the truth of that last statement, but it is true. And the sooner you accept that and face up to the implications of it, the quicker you’ll start making progress.

[To be clear, I’m not saying that you don’t need a great product or service, I’m just stating the fact that the money – your money – is in how well you market it.]

When you have a marketing and sales system working in your business that predictably and consistently brings in the right flow of new customers every week, like clockwork, then owning a business is phenomenal.

But when you don’t have that, then owning a business is unpredictable, unreliable, and incredibly stressful.

So if you want it all – a superb business, a life filled with fun as well as freedom then contact me and see how i can help you to achieve your dream life.

Modesta Ferreira

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