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Mrs Lisa Mulhern

VA / SMM / Productivity & Systems Coach Perfectly Productive
Work 25 Trea Gardens Toomebridge Antrim Belfast N.Ireland Website: Perfectly Productive


I’m Lisa, a diet coke drinking, woo loving, sarcast, introverted book worm who also happens to be mom of 2 little girls, from good old Co Antrim.
I am a multi passionate entrepreneur (as I think many of us are) and a self confessed personal development junkie, lol I’ve more certifications than I know what to do with, I just enjoy learning. I actually left a career as a solicitor to pursue my business & coaching passions when my first little girl was born. Both having their own little challenges & special needs meant I had to be at home more than I could be here if I were still stuck in the 9-5.
I am a freelancer specialising in VA, SMM, Productivity & Systems. I am a certified Social Media Specialist, Content Marketing Specialist & Social & Community Management Specialist. Obviously in this line of work it required me to become very disciplined and organised in order to be as productive as I needed to be, so I did some training in time management skills and became a certified productivity coach.
I work particularly with heart-centred and ambitious female entrepreneurs as I have a lot of experience in these areas from running my own previous coaching businesses in both the spiritual, health and business fields. But as an introverted, sarcastic, geek I found I like to be behind the scenes helping other great women like you build your business. Plus that way I can throw on a hoodie, sip diet coke all day long, get shit done and never have to be seen 🤣
So what do I actually do?

Well apart from offering done for you services like social media management, or tech set ups etc, I teach ambitious female entrepreneurs how to be more productive, this doesn’t just mean getting more shit done and mindlessly ticking crap off a to do list so you can be ‘all look at me I’m superwoman’.

It means really mastering their minutes whether this means outsourcing, automating or systemising. I show you how to put proper workflows in place, and really leverage the shit out of it. Its about being smart enough to use templates, checklists and systems to make life easier. I truly believe and preach the philosophy of working smarter not harder.

So let me tame those pesky tech gremlins, boost your productivity and allow you to step back into hustle mode, to spend your time creatively making money, while I deal with the rest.

Nice to meet you all 🙋‍♀️

Lisa 🧡


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