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Ms Julie-Anne Mullan

Work BT34 3RD Northern Ireland Work Phone: 02843767972 Cell Phone: 07749983602


Cooperative and supportive by nature, I’m a mother in service of women who see motherhood as a journey most fascinating! No one can do what everyone else does! No one can meet a need the same way another eg dentist or florist does. That has more to do with personality, values and experience. 80% success in choosing a consultant, specialist, or therapies practitioner  is down to whether you know, like and feel trust ‘right here, right now’.  

I also know that living my passion is not the same as publicising it!  Who’s going to be attracted when I begin by saying what I don’t do, what makes me shy, or I apologise for setting high fee!  From our first conversation you get a listening ear, and this makes a difference.

What you need to know is

  • a) I love the art of purposeful, focussed one to one interaction. I offer 1.5hr therapeutic conversations on your concern. I know that focussed listening is of high value: To be able for this I attended a 300hrs counselling & consultancy course.
  • b) when my mum got cancer, was confined to a wheelchair and outlived the diagnosis by four years, I lived in The Netherlands. Our phone conversations demonstrated that I value equality in listening/being heard over being in the same room.
  • c) motherhood is all I ever wanted. So dived deep into the soul of motherhood. I was blessed in choice of partner (older, European, Virgo) who brought a sense of adventure to parenting.  I was massively keen to contribute to the household and held four careers. Now, I most like to be of service as a behind the scenes go-to mentor who successful women know they can book time with when tough gets too tough temporarily.

When you book a 1.5hr session with me I will, metaphorically speaking, step onto your bus and ride together for a few stops. When  I get off my hope for you: we’ve had deep conversation that leaves you affirmed, feeling blessed, and lightened Up! We agree to meet again if you like. I leave a map behind on the seat made colourful with a few post-its in answer to ‘how do you do it?’. My name and number are yours for as long as you need to know I’m here.

If, as can happen, you want to ascribe a label to my name: choose one or all three. Who you get is what you get.

Emotional wellbeing specialist

Therapies practitioner

Energy psychologist


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