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Jennifer Byrne

Deep Health Coach


Helping women thrive mentally, emotionally and physically by showing them how to take the steps to positive change for a healthier, happier life.
I help modern day SUPERWOMEN who are professional multitaskers with lots of to do lists but need help and encouragement making their own health and wellbeing a priority.
Fed up feeling overworked, underappreciated. Your so busy running around taking care of everyone & everything else that life is passing you by.
Your neglecting your own selfcare, drained mentally, emotionally & physically.
This has led to feelings of frustration, stress, struggling to manage day to day life, using food, excess alcohol or unhealthy behaviours as coping mechanisms resulting in anxiety, low energy/mood, weight gain, digestive/sleep issues.
You know that something needs to change but you feel so overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. But fear not because that’s where I CAN HELP YOU.
Using my authentic deep health approach to health, fitness & wellbeing will give you the results you need to grow, evolve & excel mentally, emotionally & physically.
Your health is your wealth and I’m not just talking physical health, it also relates to five other areas too, mental, emotional, existential, relational, environmental. These six elements are intrinsically linked, when balanced this is where the magic happens, you start to thrive and not just survive. Finding the balance and becoming more aware of what needs to improve within each domain is the basis of my signature 6 week foundation program. Reaching a state of deep health and self awareness needs solid foundations so we can become the healthiest, happiest versions of ourselves from the inside out.
On completion of the program you will have the strategies and the knowledge to build those solid foundations and make changes for the better. It also helps to discover if we are a good match to continue working together. You then have the option to continue your journey with a more customized program to suit your needs working closer with me in a group or 1 to 1.
I will encourage and hold you to account to make sure you are implementing the action steps needed for you to transform your health and your life for the better.
Past clients have developed more loving relationships with themselves, their bodies, replacing toxic behaviours & habits with a healthier approach to food, exercise; better coping skills for stress/anxiety; deal with challenging times in more resilient, productive ways.
The right clients for my program are serious about making changes to their health, wellbeing and their life and are willing to invest in themselves to make that happen starting with the foundation steps over 6 weeks.
You can find out more about the program below.
“Loving yourself to health and happiness” is an exclusive 6 week online program for women. With Jennifer’s extensive knowledge and experience, she has developed the coaching skills to empower, educate and inspire other women to use a deep health approach to break free from unhealthy, toxic relationships and self sabotage and start living their best life loving themselves from the inside out. You can find out more about the course here


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