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Janifer Jarrard Wheeler

CEO/Founder The JOYFull BadAss Academy
Work 8607 Priest River Dr. Williamson Round Rock TX 78681 United States Cell Phone: 14049321500 Website: http://www.janiferwheeler.com


I’m Janifer Wheeler, former teacher turned entrepreneur.  I’ve spent over 25 years helping schools & small businesses get their shift together through process design, internal structure, education and culture.

I’m currently a Biz consultant focused on helping female Solopreneurs and Small Biz owners to unleash their own JOYFull BadAssery & take complete control of  their own lives & businesses.  

So many of my clients have gotten trapped by their own brilliance and they believe the hype that we must hustle & grind or we will never be successful. I call BS on that idea! As an advocate for JOYFull alignment, I facilitate a process that ensures you are working in your JoyFull Zone of Genuis more than you aren’t. And for the rest of shift that needs to be done, hand it over to staff or an assistant.

I know that sounds scary, giving other people control, but the JOYFull BadAss has your back. I will help you create the process, structure and workplace culture you need to effectively and efficiently build a team that will help you realize the goals & dreams you set for yourself.

After all, I didn’t become an entrepreneur so I could work more!

My signature program, the Joy|Money Micro, is offered through the JOYFull BadAss Micro Academy. This engaging, hands-on micro course walks you through 20 mini lessons meant to help you uncover your JoyFull Zone of Genius and dump, delegate or redesign anything that doesn’t bring joy or create revenue.

In just 30 days, you’ll have a clear plan on next steps. From this plan, you can hire staff, create clear processes & procedures and ensure your biz is grounded in joy, alignment & structure so you gain more time, freedom & revenue.

If you need help with implementation, I offer VIP consulting with a variety of payment plans & options to fit every budget.

If you’re ready to unleash your own JOYFull Badassery, let’s chat.

JMM Cohorts begin on the first of each month and include high quality curriculum delivered to your phone via micro messages, a special JMM Toolbox delivered to your door, access to support docs through Google classroom & a virtually led Learning Lab to finalize your strategy and implementation timeline.

After the BS of the last year, aren’t you ready for more Joy, Time, Money & Freedom?


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