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Contact: Emma Fraser
Cell Phone: 07568 388 085 Website: Belfast Baby Company


The Belfast Baby Company is an all-round birth support service established by Emma Fraser and Leslie Altic, who are passionate about supporting women and their families through what is an exciting and life-changing experience.

They both became involved with maternity services in their local health trusts following the birth of their own children, and are now active members of the Belfast and Southern Health Trusts maternity services committees. Emma and Leslie are trained doulas, offering birth and postnatal support, as well as trained antenatal practitioners.

Both women are strong advocates for evidence-based information around pregnancy and birth and want to empower women to have their birth, their way.

A range of support is on offer, from creating a birth plan/preferences and comfort measures for labour and birth to blissful antenatal retreats and full on-call doula services – check out the list of services to find which one best suits your needs.

As doulas our primary goal is that every parent we work with has the best possible experience of pregnancy, birth and early parenting. We work with parents to support them emotionally, physically and practically through the challenges they may encounter.
Covering Armagh, Down and Antrim we provide antenatal, birth and postnatal services to women and partners who are planning home or hospital birth.

Emma and Leslie have a range of experience and training. Both have completed birth and postnatal doula training, and NCT training in antenatal teaching. They are also qualified to support parents after birth trauma, or other traumas associated with pregnancy or infant feeding. Having our own children and supporting mothers at all stages in their journeys we are confident that we can provide the support expectant and new parents need.

– Birth Doula Packages

– Postnatal Doula Packages

– Rewind Method for negative birth/postnatal experiences

– 1-to-1 antenatal preparation

– Birth Partner Skills

– Birth Preference Writing

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