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Contact: Michelle Cummins
Work County Down BANGOR County Down BT20 3EW United Kingdom Cell Phone: 07730585763

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A little about us.. I have 2 boys, 19 and 3 and my youngest is my beautiful daughter Amelie Mia who is 22 months and who I have created AmMia for (the Am stands for And Mummy).

Amelie was diagnosed at birth with Down syndrome that devastated us all. Thankfully I think I’m coming to the end of the grieving process which I now know is quite normal but hadn’t at the time.

I knew I had to do something to distract my thoughts spiralling out of control so I started crocheting baby blankets in July 2018 for baby twins that have since arrived safely. It was then when I came up with AmMia and a logo in my head and my wonderful patient loving husband who made it a reality and I started crocheting what I hope are pretty things just like my daughter.

At the moment we make anything crochet and knitted from keyrings to bookmarks, baby blankets, Christmas decorations and beautiful newborn photography props.

AmMia I hope is my daughters future in whichever format and interest she wants. I will continue to learn new things to teach her. I have plans for exciting new products soon that are completely different to crochet but inspired by her. 20% of all profits are donated to North Down and Ards Down syndrome support group and the rest set aside for my baby girl.

In the future I would really love AmMia to be a drop in centre for parents, children with Down syndrome and siblings to hang out, chat, do crafts , have fun and just be. I strongly believe this needs to be connected with the trust as we left the hospital shell shocked with a print out and no support. Hopefully one day this dream will become true.

I have planted the seed and will do everything I can for AmMia to grow and ask that you help us to with every like, share and comment.

Love Amelie and mummy x

Feb ’19

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Mourne Pebble Design
Cell Phone: 07549537067

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I am a Pebble Artist who lives in the shadow of the Mournes at Katesbridge.  I have always lost myself in creativity and over the years have developed a passion for my natural surroundings, appreciating how nature grasps the landscape and sculpts everything in its path. My work focuses purely on natural materials sourced from the local environment, with emphasis solely on pebbles. Every pebble used in the artwork has travelled thousands of miles, over millions of years, to rest in the area surrounding the Mourne Mountains. As well as having my work available to purchase throughout Ireland and Belfast Airport, I have my own studio nestled in Katesbridge’s drumlin countryside.  I have had a number of exhibitions and personal commissions, each one bringing originality and the all important personal touch. Alongside creating art and selling my own work, I also run workshops.

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Mrs Petite Props by AmMia
Work Down Bangor Cell Phone: 07730585763 Website: Petite Props by AmMia

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I guess this is the start of our new book, while our first journey is still unfolding. Petite Props by AmMia is our new venture as a newborn and baby prop vendor and a continuation from the growth and support many have shown us. If you haven’t read our story of how AmMia was born, you can find it here http://www.facebook.com/AmMia/
From our new beginnings.. A local business woman, now friend invited me to join a Mums at Work Networking Group by Sinead Norton. It is full of such strong business women that I initially felt a bit of a fraud but gradually I felt my confidence grow as I was learning and being supported by other woman. It was in this group that I meet Morgan Bonel from Morgan Bonel Photography based in Sligo (http://morganbonel-photography.com/). We started chatting generally and as the conversation progressed she asked would I be able to make a small bear. I have been making props since, my product range growing, but that first bear, will always be very special.
Morgan, who I very much class a friend and an amazing photographer has been so supportive with her time and knowledge with all the advice she has given me, gave me the motivation and encouragement to become a newborn and baby prop vendor, something that I had never given considered or dreamt of but I very much love. The thrill of seeing stunning photographs with props that I have created is such an amazing feeling. Its funny how life can lead you down a path you hadn’t intended but feel I am exactly where I should be. I wouldn’t be here without Mums at Work, Morgan and each and everyone of you for supporting us.
Petite Props by AmMia is still very much in its infancy, but we have our online shop up and running with lots more to come (http://Petitepropsbyammia.bigcartel.com). As AmMia, 20% of all profits are donated to North Down and Ards Down Syndrome Support Group, the rest set aside for my little ceo x

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owner Contact: Catriona Evans
Work 57 Riverforde Whitehead Antrim Carrickfergus Antrim Bt389ts United Kingdom Cell Phone: 07514486842 Website: H’evans Truffles

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I am a 47 year old wife and mum of 2 boys (sorry, I know some people aren’t a fan of calling pets their babies) and my 3 babies, Lumo, a handsome Newfie hound, Twotopps and Mrmojorisin, the cats.  That’s my role ……me?  I am a real people person so I find working at home very isolating and have turned my local coffe shop into my office!  I wouldn’t cope a day without music and you will usually find me dancing around the kitchen to anything from The Rival Sons to the soundtrack from Guardians of the Galaxy.

When I’m not working I am usually walking….well I live in Whitehead by the sea, how couldn’t I?

I worked as a nursery assistant for 10 years then as a 1-1 classroom assistant with special needs children in mainstream schools until at 43 I was diagnosed with Cancer.  My passion for baking and walking became more of a focus for me and I baked that much I began selling them to people locally.   After a while I wanted to challenge myself and started to work with chocolate.  I am self taught, thanks to Messrs Google and Youtube although I went on to complete a chocolate course in London.

After a while I  was diagnosed with depression and began withdrawing into myself, self harming and was suicidal.  I count myself more than lucky that I came out the other side of this and decided I had to do something, why not open a chocolate business?!  In 2016 I set up H’evans Truffles.

I have pivoted a bit.  Initially I targetted retail outlets but the products shelf life proved an issue so I turned my attention to weddings, events and corporate gifts.   That way I am in control of minimum and maximum orders and can make the chocolates knowing they will be eaten well before their best by date.  I came up with the concept of memory inspired chocolates after deigning and baking a cake for my cousin, I based it all around memories of her wedding in Italy.  I meet with the couple, we establish a special memory and I design a flavour to tell their story in flavour and chocolate.  I had been doing workshops where the bride and groom could make the favours to give an even more personal touch but I am based at home so I share the family kitchen, it’s difficult to work around that…apparently you have to feed your kids so they need the kitchen too!  Seriously though, it just didn’t work having to ban everyone from the kitchen and spend hours doing a total indudtrial clean down before each workshop.  Now H’evans Truffles offers set flavours and an option to upgrade to their own flavour.

Recently my Tablet Fudge has proved massively popular and has been added to the menu for wedding favours and is currently on sale in The Gobbins Centre and will soon be in The Wickerman.  I hope to get  the fudge in with some other retailers soon.

I am immensley proud that H’evans Truffles has been featured in The Northern Woman, beaten Hotel Chocolat in a blind taste test and won a Women in Business award.

I absolutely love being part of MAW, it is such a supportive network of amazing women and there is always someone willing to help you out or point you in the right direction.  The networking is so relaxed and can lead to so many opportunities and collaborations not to mention great friendships!  It has given me a real push and helped me to get out of my comfort zone and grow.

Cancer has been the best and worst thing to happen to me, worst for obvious reasons but the best because it made me reasess my life and push myself to grow and adjust.  It gives me a reason to be proud of myself for ME not for doing a good job for others.

My why?  I want to spend quality time with the boys, working for myself gives me flexibility to do that, it gives me a sense of achievement and yes money…it facillitates all the things I want for me and my family!

This is my 2nd chance at life and I refuse to shrink back and settle, I want to make the most out of it!

I have also gone on to do a bit of public speaking and would love to do more.  I am passionate about mental health, resilience and our perception of normal, don’t ask unless you have an hour or so to spare 😉


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Managing Director Meala
Work 14 Boucher Way Belfast Antrim Belfast Northern Ireland Cell Phone: 07743688526 Work Phone: 02890743254
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Poise and Presents

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Hello my name is Sharon Kerr and I work from home in Glengormley creating faux floral gift arrangements, my business is called Poise and Presents. Although my business operates online from Facebook and Instagram, I don’t operate from commercial premises but I have collection points within the Newtownabbey and Greater Belfast areas. My most popular arrangements to date have been my unique bespoke wrist corsages and button holes. Wrist corsages are primarily but not exclusively linked to school formals. I create wrist corsages for various occasions such as to compliment your outfit if attending a wedding, gala dinner dance, day at the races, fashion show, to compliment your gown if you are off on a cruise and for your bridesmaids. I like to create pieces of art that you can wear to compliment and not overpower your outfit of choice. Attention to detail is paramount to me and I won’t compromise on quality. Attention to detail is something customers have complimented me on and has been one of the unique selling points that have brought me repeat business and recommendation. When creating button holes and ladies spray I like to create something unique and bespoke that can be used time and time again. You can view a small selection of my corsages at The Sassy Boutique located on the Lisburn Road in Belfast, The Dainty Doll Boutique & Balmoral Dress Hire located on the Upper Lisburn Road in Belfast, the Bridal Elegance Boutique located in Larne and at the Urban Hair Company Salon located here in Glengormley.

Besides the aforementioned arrangements, I like to create gift arrangements that the recipient will remember you and the occasion for. One idea that I had was to create unique faux flower arrangements incorporating vintage handbags. The benefit to this arrangement is a ‘one-off’ statement piece that can be a vocal point in the home and a conversation starter .

Although my wedding was over 20 years ago, I remember how expensive wedding cakes were and indeed are today. It takes great skill to create the perfect wedding cake and the remuneration is justified, but not all couples can afford to purchase such beautiful cakes. For that reason, I wanted to create beautiful dummy cake tiers that are affordable and help couples have some of the vow factor their tight budget cannot stretch to.


Since I started Poise and Presents I’ve had a lot of enquiries for bridal/wedding items and this is something I’m working on over the coming months. I have created a couple of faux flower hair pieces and a bridal bouquet all of which have brought great feedback.



There are two things that are central to my business; attention to detail and great customer service, I’m pleased to say that those are 2 key comments from my customers. I am self-taught in what I do, but I’m pleased to say that some of that artistic flair is genetic with both my maternal and paternal families having worked in creative industries for generations. I do know my limitations and I won’t over promise and under deliver, if I cannot create for you what you would like I’ll certainly do my best to help you find someone who will. If you’d like a little inspiration, take time with a cup of tea/coffee and browse through the photo gallery on my Facebook page I hope you enjoy.




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Made In The Motherhood
Work 2 Windsor Terrace Coagh Cookstown Tyrone BT800ET Tyrone Cell Phone: 07477700147

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My name is Niamh and for he past decade I have been busy building my family and dreaming of opening up my own business.

Apparently I decided to wait until I had 3 children until I was ready to start my own Mama Merchandise business. You know, because after 3 babies you obviously have loads of time on your hands! 😂

No, I’m joking. Honestly, I have actually been dreaming of this happening ever since I had my first daughter back in 2014. Ever since I became a Mother I felt like I became a part of something so much bigger than just being ‘someone’s Mum’. As Mothers we become the most important thing in the world to someone, we come part of a massive community of women who are thriving, yet struggling, beautiful, yet stressed, amazing, yet tough on themselves and I wanted a brand that reflected the humour and strength of being a Mum – so I’ve created one.

Ive started small but who knows where this will lead ❤️


Thanks for for your interest and support ❤️

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Contact: Sharon McCrea
Work Linen Green Sion Mills Strabane Cell Phone: 07562 571022 Website: Sweet Escape Products

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Sharon McCrea is the Owner of Sweet Escape Products

Sweet Escape Products was born through  a need to protect an nurture the skin and so we go to great lengths to ensure that what goes into our products are only the very best fresh, pure natural ingredients.  Where possible the bulk of the products components are produced locally.  Our essential oils are supplied here in the UK. We have visited almost all of our suppliers to ensure their standards and ethics match our own.

Our whole range of products are earth-friendly and free of chemicals and toxins. Carefully blended, these artisan products use nature’s own ingredients to deliver optimum results, naturally.

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General DogsBody 🙂 Contact: Narita Woods
Cell Phone: 07528003062 Website: The Fox & Bean

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Great Coffee, Great things for Great People!

Hi. Welcome to The Fox & Bean!
We are a social enterprise coffee shop with creativity at our core, and a wider mission to empower women.
By supporting local talent, local food producers and hosting fun social events, we are creating a place for everyone to feel welcome and empowered!
All our profits go straight back into the company in order to make this bigger and better each time.
We will have all manner of creativity classes and workshops, so stay tuned on our on our social media pages – follow us to spread the love 🙂
We love meeting new people – so if you have an idea for an event or a class, get in touch!
All are welcome to be part of our gathering. This is a place for You, for Us, for All of Us.
And so say all of us.
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Contact: Trish Rogers
Work Cladnagerragh, 2B Boghead Bridge Road Aghalee Craigavon Armagh BT67 0DL Northern Ireland Cell Phone: 07775 528188 Website: Trish Rogers

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I specialise in bespoke jewellery made from 6000-year-old Irish bog oak and spalted beech.

I make sculptures from the same bog oak.

Also, handmade reclaimed slate home and décor ware.

I am based in Aghalee in a log cabin which I built about 3 years ago.

I love working with wood finding it very therapeutic and being able to create unique pieces. The sculpture is fascinating as I let the wood takes its own shape.

The slate were can be personalised for gifts and even wedding favours.

I can make bespoke pieces of jewellery for special occasions by request.



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