Lynsey Bennett: The Secret Day Spa, Sistine Beauty and Lusso Tan.

MAW VIP Member, Lynsey Bennett and her sisters Leah and Sarah launched The Secret Day Spa 12 years ago and Lusso Tan 4 years ago.

The Secret Day provides treatments and boutique items. You can have a full day or only a few moments to suit you best.

There are a range of treatments including but not limited to Massages, Spray Tans, Facials, Waxing, Body Wraps, Nails, Makeup and much more.

Find out more about The Secret Day Spa HERE

Sistine Beauty also offers beauty treatments including but not limited to pedi-spa, manicures and nails.

To find out about the other treatments Sistine Beauty offers, click HERE

Lusso Tan is a new self-tanner that comes with 3 steps to get the perfect tan. The formula is designed to nourish, hydrate and enhance skin and doesn’t include unnecessary chemicals, just what is essential.

Lusso Tan products are guaranteed to be organic, fragrance-free and created without parabens or alcohol.

They are vegan and suitable to use during pregnancy.

To find out more or shop Lusso Tan click HERE

Lusso Tan Signature products

Lynsey loves working with her sisters because they really support each other and she wouldn’t want to be working with anyone else.

Lynsey said, “We have been extremely busy over the past 12 years and we love what we do.

I think that with all the downsides of an entrepreneur it is so important to enjoy what you do and it is really important to have a strong network as well.

Having networks to lean on and ask for information and become your customers is so important.”



Why Lynsey Bennett joined Mums At Work

When Lynsey went to the first went to her first Mums At Work event, she met the founder, Sinead Norton.

Meeting Sinead who has 7 children and ran the network alongside this and her own business really inspired Lynsey.

Lynsey said, “I love MAW because of the friendships I made, the connections I have made with other entrepreneurs, the business I have gotten through it and buying from other Mums At Work businesses.”



Lynsey Bennett

Networking Event

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