Meet Mary McGuigan – Corporate and Creative Stylist!

Mary McGuigan - Corporate & Creative Image - MAW VIP MemberMary McGuigan is the Founder of Corporate and Creative Image based in Belfast.

During the pandemic, Mary trained in personal styling and Image Consultancy to help other people with their image.

Mary helps guide individuals and businesses build an image that truly represents them. She believes that what you wear tells others how to treat you.

A lot of Mary’s Clients are like her, who may have been intimidated by fashion and social media.


The clients are usually people who are going through or just went through a change.

Mary starts off the days with her clients by firstly taking them to coffee and finding out about them through non-style questions.

This allows her to find out what they should wear and how they should treat themselves. Through her services she helps and guides her clients to build up their confidence.

Mary McGuigan - Corporate and Creative Image - MAW VIP Member

Why did Mary McGuigan, Corporate and Creative Image Stylist join Mums At Work?

Mary seen that one of her friends was in the group and convinced her to join.

After this Mary realised how many people she knew or was only a stone throw away was in the group too.

She loves the connections that she has made.

Being in the group allowed Mary to be reminded of what is important: you are you first.

She said “When going self-employed we think about our children and our partners instead of putting ourselves first. You are you first, then a mother and wife.”

Mary’s advise for others joining the group is: Just do it!

Make sure that it is something you eat, sleep and breathe so when it starts to feel like work you will have the motivation to keep going.

Most of us starting out believed you just start your business, put it on social media and that’s it – but its not.

Mary said, “My biggest advice is to join network groups but not for business, for relationships. These relationships lead to referrals from one another and then it’s like a domino effect.”

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