Marie Louise McKendry

Marie Louise McKendry

Marie Louise McKendry

Marie Louise McKendry has been a language teacher for thirteen years. She studied Applied Languages at Ulster University and went on to get her PGCE in England. Marie also spent time studying at both University of Montpellier and the University of Granada. She has taught in many settings including secondary schools, primary schools and preschools. She has also taught toddler groups, community classes, after school clubs and 1 on 1 tuition.

Marie Louise’s Classes

Marie Louise’s big love is teaching adults who are new to languages. She said; “I love finding out why people are interested in learning Spanish and also what their other interests are so I can make the courses relevant to them.” Her community classes are very relaxed, and she loves to watch her students become friends and share their journey together. She describes her classes as “a bit of a book club feel, with a nice balance between vocabulary, grammar and culture. Sometimes we even have some wine and food on the go.” This year Marie Louise is planning on creating video courses but also a Facebook based short course which she is hoping will keep the community feel to her classes.

Why people might think about learning a new language

Marie Louise teaches people for a range of reasons, but people also have many reasons for learning a new language. Some people are motivated by an upcoming holiday and others learn for work reasons. Marie Louise has had people come to her because their son or daughter have moved abroad and started families and they want to try to communicate with the new branches of their family.

For Marie Louise the best reason to learn a new language is because it unlocks a whole new world of art, history, culture, music and food to explore. This has led to her previously having a job as a tour guide and also becoming a freelance content writer. Marie Louise would like to extend her teaching through collaborating with Mums at Work members who are involved in the education or travel industry.

Mums at Work & Marie Louise

Marie Louise said that joining Mums at Work was a great decision for her. She explained that when working alone, it is great to feel part of a bigger entity which offers her opportunities to learn, collaborate and socialise. Marie Louise has also worked on some projects with other members of the group. She has taken classes hosted by some great teachers and purchased products from very talented ladies. Outside of work she has also started practising Pilates under the instruction of a fellow Mums at Work member Christina Woods of Reel fitness. Marie Louise also loves going to the cinema, reading, fashion and food.

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