Meet interior designer Maggie Brady, the owner of Pearl Redesigns

We are featuring a very talented business woman today, Maggie Brady, interior designer. Maggie founded her interior design business, Pearl Redesign which focuses on up-cycling and sustainable designs.

“At Pearl Redesigns we like timeless interiors that are trendy with the freedom to mix vintage or antique pieces with modern styles. Classic and fresh at the same time, creating a home or space that grows and changes as you do. We are inspired by nature, travel, great architecture and period homes.”

Maggie uses colour psychology to help people see colours differently and the possibilities they can have.

She wants to create happy homes and help balance the energy through interior designs.

Through interior design, Maggie’s knowledge has grown and so has her skills. She has learnt how to manage budgets which taught her to be frugal when necessary.

This led to her love of recreating something new from the old, hence becoming a sustainable business.

Find out more about Pearl Redesigns HERE


Why Maggie Brady joined Mums At Work

Maggie met Mums At Work founder, Sinead Norton and other members at one of the first events.

She said, “It has been fantastic. There is always support through the network and someone is always there to answer your questions.

I have made great friends and this group has given me a safe place to talk to other women and not feel intimidated.

This is because there is so many of us with our own businesses, we don’t feel on our own. There is a comfort of knowing you are not on your own.”

These events allowed Maggie and the other members to socialise after having to learn how to be in front of a camera due to lockdown.

The Mums at Work Network is a network of women who want to work and have a flexible job or business so they can spend more time with their family. The majority of our members are female business owners, however we also have many women who have a side hustle or who are working two jobs, or women who are carers, and even grandmothers in the group! All of us care about achieving balance between our family life as well as financial freedom.



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