What is Moodfit?

Lynn Campbell is the owner of Moodfit which is based in Dromore Co Down. Lynn started her business in October of 2019. Moodfit is all about health and & wellbeing. Lynn shares her nutritional advice that she has learnt over the years. This includes how to achieve a strong and healthy mind through good nutrition. There is also a mix of personal training and home workouts from kettlebells, body weight, HIIT and resistance to dumbbells and barbells. She shares her eating knowledge and how to create a healthy lean body and wellbeing. She explains how to eat clean food including treats, snacks, and meals. “My business is about lifestyle changes not quick fixes, but long-term Heath and maintenance.” Said Lynn.

Lynn offers personal training in person or online. She also provides nutritional plans that has nutritional advice and recipes. She personalises nutritional plans to each client. This includes any health conditions and goals. Lynn offers group training and transformation programmes and online classes.

Why did Lynn start Moodfit?

Lynn has always been into working out. After experiencing an eating disorder she wanted to learn more. She learnt how important nutrition is for mental health along with how important it is for physical wellbeing and fertility. Lynn suffered pain through depression. This made Lynn want to share with others how she healed herself and turned her life around.

Lynn said, “I love helping people and I love seeing how nutrition not only changes their body but their mind and their whole life. I love educating people and help them live healthier and happier lives.”

Her focus isn’t just working out and losing weight it is about learning about nutrition. She wants to help change what you eat and cook and to understand what your body needs to be healthy. Lynn emphasises the importance of nutrition. It is not only for weight loss and maintenance but for building lean muscle and for mental and physical wellbeing.

The biggest achievement Lynn has gotten through Moodfit is making a difference to others lives. She receives feedback on how she helped improve their health and wellbeing through her personal training and food plans.

Lynn’s business advice:

Lynn’s advice for anyone starting their own business is to never give up and make sure to have a second income and if possible, some money to invest to move your business along quicker.

Lynn’s biggest struggle with her business is not having the time being a single mum and having no money to invest and grow her business as fast as she wants.

You can find Moodfit online:

Instagram: moodfitmum

Facebook:  Moodfit

Website: Moodfit.co.uk

YouTube: Moodfit


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