Introducing our First Ever VIP Member, Louise Carey

Louise Carey is an amazing member of The Mums At Work Network and very first Mums At Work VIP Club Member.

Louise, aged 62 years, is from Ballymena and has 2 children and 1 grandchild.

I asked Louise how she got into business? She replied,

“I fell into it – I had been ill for some time, suffering from PTSD. After years of medication I wanted to take back control and wean myself off all tablets. So I looked at exercise, diet and lifestyle, then started with baby steps to make changes. It was amazing to get off the medication and feel good about myself again. When a year of industrial action at my full time job almost put me back in the same dark place, I started thinking about doing something else. So I wanted a back up so I wouldn’t feel so vulnerable, bullied or intimated.

At the time, I certainly didn’t see it in social marketing, for a start I didn’t know anything about it. In fact, I didn’t know about the industry or of it’s potential then. All I was looking for at the time, was a range of chemical free, botanically based, skincare products that worked.

Why Louise Carey Signed up as an Arbonne Consultant

I signed up as an  Arbonne consultant only because I wanted the biggest discount. I didn’t discuss or find out anything about the business side of things as I just wasn’t interested. After a short period of time family and friends noticed the difference in my skin and wanted to know what I was using and where I bought it and could I get it for them. So I showed them how to do what I had done, register online for an account. They wanted to know told what I used and left them to order what they wanted for themselves…

Receiving her first commission cheque

When I received my first cheque a few weeks later I contacted the company to ask them why they had sent me this money. I knew I hadn’t returned anything. When they told me it was my commission, I was intrigued to say the least. I suddenly wanted to know more about the business and that’s when I decided to research the company. I looked into the business opportunity and the industry. When I found out I could just fit it in around what I was already doing. In fact I was already doing it, it was a no brainer for me and I jumped in. ”

More about Arbonne

Arbonne has just been ranked as the #1 global brand for Healthy Living Inside and Out in 2017. It’s a 38 year old company with a Swiss heritage, with ranges of skincare for baby through to anti ageing and everything in between, hair and body care, cosmetics and nutrition. All Vegan certified, cruelty free, botanically based, banning over 2,000 nasty chemicals that are frequently used in so many of our personal care and makeup products.

Louise Carey told me, “I just switched my brand and now show others how to do the same, then if they wish to earn an income I help and support them in building an online business.

Louise and Essens

Louise has recently become a consultant with Essens. Join her Facebook Group to see her products and offers. If you love your designer perfumes but don’t like the designer prices so much, then this group is perfect for you. She loves Essens as the products are also ethically strong like the Arbonne products. With over 200 people in her team, Louise is helping lots of women earn a second income / part-time income.

Louise Carey


Louise’s biggest struggle in her business

I asked Louise what her biggest struggle is and she explained, “I find the biggest struggle is overcoming people preconceived ideas of this industry but it’s also something I completely understand as I was that person.”

Her advice to others who want to develop a product or service?

“You have to work from a place of integrity, be authentic and build trust. It takes time, commitment and patience. You need to have a massive belief and passion in what you’re doing and a never quit attitude.”

To relax, Louise loves a walk on the beach or a night dancing Salsa.

Louise is proud of the fact that she was asked to speak in front of a couple of hundred people including the CEO of the company and some of the top leaders, something she NEVER thought she could do!

I asked Louise – if you could give 5 easy tips for success what would they be, in your specialist area or in general?

Louise carey2


1. Never stop learning or growing

2. Build belief in your company, the industry and in yourself.

3. Be consistent

4. Don’t let others steal your dreams, focus on where you’re going.

5. Never Quit.

My final question to Louise was “Why did you join the Mums at Work group and what do you love about it most?”

Louise replied, “Initially I really just wanted to widen my network. I love the wonderful supportive women I’ve met so far, the feeling of belonging to a group of women who understand what you’re going through and are there to offer advice, support and encouragement.”


I am so glad she does, as I love these energy sticks from Arbonne that I can buy from Louise to keep me going as a working mum – here is a link to Louise’s Instagram, Facebook and online shop. Alternatively contact Louise using the contact form below




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