Introducing Essens Brand Ambassador, Louise Carey

Louise Carey is a Brand Ambassador and Platinum Manager with for Essens.

Essens sells a range of health, wellness and beauty products including perfumes and aftershaves.

Their parfum grade perfumes are their flagship selling products, which are cruelty free and vegan friendly and without parabens.

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Louise began working for Essens on a very part time basis almost a year before leaving her job as long haul cabin crew with British Airways after 35years.

Louise said, “Building my Essens business gave me the positive focus which I needed when I left BA. It gets me out of the bed in the morning. I love the community I’ve created with my team.”

This was especially important through lockdown. It gave Louise social time when we weren’t able to go out – one of the beauties of having an online business..

Louise has just celebrated her 2-year anniversary back in September. She now leads a community with over 500 people from all over the UK, Ireland and Europe.

Louise uses her business to support men and women create an additional income steam outside of their current job and family commitments.

There is space for you to join the team and get support doing so, without having to be out financially. It is free to register and you get immediate benefits.

The first benefit is discount on the products. Secondly if you choose to retail the products, you will get instant commission. But if you continue further like Louise and grow a team, you can earn get benefits. This could be additional commissions, bonuses, all-inclusive holidays and or a car to name a couple.

When you join, you can do so it for as long or short a period as you like, even if it’s just to save up for a vacation or Christmas!

If you choose to join, you will get training from Louise herself along with support from the company. This includes regular weekly training sessions and guidance from the wider team leaders on a range of subjects.

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Essens has done a lot to become more sustainable and eco-friendlier through reducing their plastic in packaging by making more of it recyclable. They are also anti-slavery meaning they ensure there is no human trafficking throughout their supply chain and company.

The company have an ongoing commitment to the great ocean clean up and have also also donated a fragrance’s sale profits on world ocean day to ocean clean up.

Their fragrances and perfume products are inspired with the same notes as your designer fragrances without the designer price tag.

Louise explained they are made from the ground up, using at least 20% essential oils, so they are not copies, fakes or imitations, just inspired by a particular scent.

Essens sells more beauty and home products which you can view without obligation HERE.

Through Essens, Louise wants to make her clients feel and look their best best they can and help them with their overall internal and external health and wellness.

Louise is now working in person as well as online so when a client comes to her, she can leaves a range samples with them for a few days to allow her customer to find out what suits them best.

After these couple of days Louise will collect the samples and find out what the client wants to do next, whether it’s to purchase, register for a discount or perhaps even join her in the business.

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Shop Essens with Louise HERE


Louise Carey - Essens - MAW VIP Member

Louise Carey, Essens Distributor

Why Louise joined Mums At Work

Louise was the first member of the Mums At Work VIP Group. She became involved because Founder Sinead Norton.  Louise didn’t join for the business aspect. She joined because of the warmth from other members of the group. “One of the most important things was being able to build a community through Mums At Work. It was to do with the social and friendship side of it. The support I have gotten from the group has been invaluable – especially over the last 18 months.”

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