Meet Leona Donaghy – Wholehearted Environments 

Leona of Wholehearted Environments

Wholehearted Environments is a healthy buildings consultancy where Leona Donaghy makes buildings healthier for people.  

This is done through air quality improvement, moisture management and selecting the safest materials for overall well-being. 

Leona said, ‘The people who benefit most from this type of service are those experiencing chronic health problems, those who have tired optimising their diet and lifestyle and yet struggle to move the needle on their recovery.’” 

The other group of people that are most interested in Leona’s business is those who are going on to have a baby and have become aware of the toxic world they are bringing their little on into. These parents want to do all they can to ensure their home is a safe as possible. 

Leona offers 1:1 consultations, pre-post surveys and project management services as required by the client. 

Why did Leona Donaghy join Mums at Work?

Leona Donaghy of Wholehearted Environments initially joined Mums At Work after seeing the testimonials given by other members of the group. She knew it would be a wonderful, supportive environment for her to build work connections, friendships and to network. She wanted to increase her reach and visibility while learning from the Mums At Work group on how to do so. 

Leona also wants to share her advice as a new business for others who are just starting out. 

She said; “be very clear about your why, to listen to the advice you get from others, but remain focussed on your vision as only you know what you want to achieve and what success looks like for you. Therefore, I feel like I got side-tracked at the very beginning and overwhelmed as well with other people’s take on what I ‘should’ do.

Thank you Leona of Wholehearted Environments for telling your story!

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