Laura Smith & The Pretty Little Company

Introducing business owner Laura Smith & The Pretty Little Company. Laura is mum to Holly (12), Chloe (7), Leo (18 months), Millie (13 weeks), wife to Brad.

I answer to many names but most often you will hear me being to referred to as mummymmummymummymummymummy…mum…mummy! Some days I love it, other days I’m considering removing that word from their vocabulary by any means necessary!!

I could tell you about becoming a single mum when my eldest was 6 months but other than showing me just how strong and resilient I am, that doesn’t define me.

I could tell you about meeting my now husband and 3 months later being engaged, 13 months after that being married and 9 months after that welcoming our baby girl into the world! In 2 weeks time we will be together 10 years! But again that doesn’t define who am, even though it’s a pretty big part!

I could tell you about how happy I was to discover I was pregnant on Christmas morning 2016 (still wish I’d recorded my husband opening his present of a pregnancy test!!), about how getting my boy was one of the best things I could have ever wished for, even if he doesn’t even have a single strand of my DNA evident whatsoever!

Or I could tell you about discovering just 9 months after the birth of our boy that we were going to need a bigger car! That little surprise is now 13 weeks old and I can’t remember life without her!

But all of that is Laura the mum or Laura the wife and well while that’s most it not all of me!

Laura’s journey to becoming a business owner

As a former sales negotiator for an award winning estate agency in Scotland, I who moved home when my husband went to work in the Middle East. My realisation was that I needed my mum! Although I’m fiercely independent, I love nothing more than someone helping me out. I love wine, chocolate, crisps, gin and Chinese food even though I really don’t want to. Getting to know new people is a great love of mine too and socializing once I get over my introvert awkwardness!

Reading is one of my favourite past-times but kinda had to put that on the back burner 2 babies ago! While I love the sun, I live in Ballymena. It’s the same with my love of coffee as limit myself to 2 cups a day because I really need to sleep! And one day I know my husband and I will fulfill our dream of moving to Canada! More than anything, I love my immediate family more. There is a whole big world out there I want my family to experience.  We’ve already got friends and family out there too! I like to think I’m a pretty good friend, although have been more absent from social gatherings than normal due to being pregnant forever!

Laura and how she turned her skills into a business

I’m pretty good with words (a degree in English and History that I’ve never put to use is finally coming handy) as I now manage the social media accounts for 2 other businesses! I also make pretty good whiteboard explainer videos, something that was once my main source of income. This is something REALLY plan on getting back to doing.

But what you all know me for is Laura Smith, owner of  The Pretty Company  which was born when the 2nd eldest informed me 1 hour beforehand that she had a party to go to. Normally she would have been told tough luck. For some reason I went into craft mode and a present was made. She was wiped clean (perpetually dirty this one!) dressed for the party and off she went. Any party after that and the girls were asking me to make something. Soon their friends were asking could they ask me to make them something. Then soon their friends mum’s were contacting me asking if I could do something for a friend of theirs!

When Laura’s Business Began

Before I knew it I was being asked if it was OK to pass my details on. Their friends were hoping I could do something for them. I knew I had to make this business more accessible.

Now I get to play about on a computer turning my ideas into real pieces! But the best bit? Knowing that my creations are in rooms from American to Europe to Australia!!!

Find Laura on Facebook and Instagram or check out her website.  

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