Meet Julie-Anne Mullan, The Soul of Motherhood

Julie-Anne Mullan Sole of Motherhood

The Soul of Motherhood with Julie-Anne Mullan is a service where she helps women through motherhood.

Julie-Anne is an emotional wellbeing specialist, therapies practitioner, energy psychologist as well as a mentor for mothers.

After moving back home after 15 years, she decided that she wanted to be the best a mother can be and also help others.

She decided to go self-employed and help get mothers through their challenges and encourage them through it.

Over the years she has trained and educated herself on a range of topics in order to help.

Julie-Anne is planning to share this research outside of her 1:1 sessions.


Why did Julie-Anne join Mums At Work?

Julie-Anne Mullan joined Mums At Work for networking support and help for her business The Soul of Motherhood.

Since joining the group she has gave and received encouragement to keep going in business, which can sometimes be a struggle for those who work alone.

Julie-Anne said Mums At Work will always give easy access to information and answer all your questions.

She also gave her advice for others starting out in their own business.

Julie-Anne said, “There are certain things that you must be able to hand over for someone else to help you with. You will be relieved that you did because you won’t waste time on learning things that won’t help your client.

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