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Our Network has over 3000 female members.. 

Our mission is to connect them so they can advise, support and refer each other.

So if you have a service or product that suits…

  • Other Business Women
  • Women in General
  • Children & Families
  • Mothers and Carers

Then we recommend that you join our directory and we can help raise your online visibility…

So you have no idea how this works, or why you should invest in it?

Our members are committed to sharing the directory and helping other like minded women, we like to support each other rather than multi-nationals. We like to buy from people like ourselves and to genuinely recommend each other so that we can increase sales and ultimately reduce advertising costs. We are committed to helping each other achieve goals and targets…

We are different from other groups and networks because we have a low cost and higher commitment. We connect with each other locally with meet ups and events as well as we believe in relationship building..

We believe sincerely in the theory that “People buy from people that they like, know and trust.” We love to provide third party referrals for each other..

We are offering this special offer for admission to our business directory for only £25 – LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – Normally £25 per year.. Sign up now before Sunday 5th of January to get this special offer!

Join Our Directory

(If you are a MAW VIP Member, your directory listing is FREE so you don’t need to worry about this.. More info here)


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