Julietta Watson and her Business JFW Marketing

We asked Julietta Watson all about her business JFW Marketing 

“I sort of fell into marketing because of my friend’s husband, who thought I’d have a knack for it with my background in TV and management consulting. After working for him for a year, I worked for a content repurposing agency and then started for myself.   

    I act as a marketing consultant, social media manager, and content creator. That can mean I am writing podcast show notes one day, writing web copy or blog posts, planning a campaign, or coaching someone on social media.   

  My services focus is on making social media templates, blog posts:1-2k, SEO optimized with sourced images and custom graphics, social media content planning, copywriting, and marketing review.   

    What I love about my business is its creativity. I also love writing and researching topics. I love that I can be writing about data analytics and AI one day and lashpreneurs the next.   

What makes me unique among other ladies is that I can proudly say that I am the only marketing consultant who has a background in TV, finance, technology, and double glazing sales!!!! 

 I can get into the mindset of a company and its customers quickly and be able to write content that appeals to them.

Julietta Watson’s advice for others starting in Business 

  My advice to those people who are enjoying the same service just like mine is you use excel, plan out what you need to do, and then execute. Starting a business is just about admin – anyone can do admin. Don’t let the details stop you.   

 You can find me on social media under @jfwmarketing.


     My struggle so far is keeping up with the constant social media changes, and demonstrating how they can be effective for clients.   

  And if there’s a struggle, for sure there is an achievement. It is successfully delivering a website for a client I love.   

   During my free time, I love spending it gardening, talking to my rabbit and, popcorn for walks.


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