Jemma Buntin and her businesses

Jemma Buntin owns a skin Clinic outside of Lisburn called Skin Cult. Jemma began her career in beauty in 2014 after opening her first beauty salon called Jemstones Beauty & Nail bar. Since then, she has two Nail & Beauty Specialists working for her at Jemstones who do amazing work after realising that her passion was on the skincare side of beauty. This made Jemma follow her heart and decided to invest in advanced training in skincare. In 2017, she then opened Skin Cult and specialises in skin treatments such as Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning & Micro-Needling and much more. More recently Jemma launched a line of Clinical Skincare in 2019 to compliment her in-clinic treatments.

How Jemma Buntin helps her customers

Usually, the main issues that clients contact Jemma about range from congestion and breakouts to sun damage and loss of confidence in their skin’s appearance. Her clients come to her when they are ready to get serious with their homecare routine and need professional guidance. There are nine at homecare products she provides that are; cleanser, Vitamin C Serum, Glow Exfoliator, Anti-aging Serum. Pigmentation Serum, night cream, Daily Moisturiser with SPF 20 & 50 and Eye Cream.

Why Jemma loves her businesses

Jemma loves her business because of her clients. She said; “I love their journeys and friendships. Being able to create a solution to their problems and seeing it work! I love obsessing for weeks about a new treatment or product to meet my clients demands.” Jemma also loves how her clients keep coming back and the spark they have. She also loves the challenge and excitements of her business due to the results she is delivering to give confidence to her clients.

Jemma’s goals for the future

For the future, the goals Jemma has for her business is expand her business to bring in another Skin Therapist to work alongside her. She would also like to do this to give her more time to spend with her four children. Jemma’s personal goal is to improve on her own confidence in herself and salons.

Jemma’s advice for others starting out in business

The advice that Jemma would give to others starting out in business is to not get into debt. Being a business that is debt free is something Jemma is proud of. She explains that she slowly started updating her clinics furniture from what she already had from her house over time instead of buying everything at once. She explains that keeping a lid on spending and working out how many treatments she needs to do in order to pay for something is key. Jemma said; “Yes we want the best, but I’ve learnt I NEED to make a profit too. It’s worked for me. I’m proud to be debt free and my businesses over the year has paid for my updating.”

Something Jemma never knew at the start was you never switch off when you work for yourself and it is a constant swirl of ideas, planning and working in and on your business. She says to be careful who you trust and invest in good staff. Jemma also believes if you treat your staff like royalty you reap the rewards.

Jemma and The MAW Network

In her business life, Jemma always struggled with getting anyone to help and support her. She always felt like she was on her own trying to get her business out there. Her location makes this harder too. Jemma joined Mums At Work to promote other businesses and have other business promote hers too. She loves MAW as the members are all on the same page trying to balance kids and work and are willing to help each other out.

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