Interview Guide – Do’s & Don’t

Are you preparing for an upcoming interview? Here are some do’s and don’t dos.

An interview is your chance to sell yourself and stand out from the competition. There are many feelings and thoughts that can run through your mind during an interview. You feel a lot of pressure to say and do the right thing to impress your interviewer. This can cause your brain to suddenly overthink or even stop completely. This can be down to nerves or lack of preparation or research before the interview.

Here is some advice on what to do to create a great first impression during an interview:

When you’re preparing for an interview you should research the company and make sure you’re familiar with every aspect of the role you are applying for. Having questions and answers ready can help control your nerves and overthinking mind.

When first meeting your interviewer, it is essential to make a good first impression. By showing your excitement to the position you are applying for can make you stand out.

If you have worked in the field you are applying for, stating this before the interview starts can also make a powerful first impression. Using keywords and phrases from the job description when talking about your past experience shows that you can speak the company’s language.

Knowing and acknowledging the company’s achievements can show the interviewer that you have real interest in the company.

It also shows how you have taken time out to research the company.

Explaining how you can personally help the company can clearly indicate the potential value and relevance you can make on the employer’s needs.

During the interview, you can show that you are actively listening by asking clarifying questions or reflecting on what the interviewer has says. This show that you can about understanding what they are saying along with showing you are paying attention.

At the end of an interview, you will have another opportunity to stand out. You can do this by asking “what are your thoughts on me as a candidate?”. Doing this will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are someone who wants to close the deal. Also saying “this job sounds perfect for me because…” is a very good way in the end to restate your strengths that show your strengths in relation to the job. Also, by saying “I want this job” shows your sincerity, courage and humility.

After the interview when waiting for news and feedback, this can be a very tense time. But you are still able to make another good impression by following up with an email. In this email also providing a link to a personal portfolio, website or other professional online resource, is a good opportunity to showcase and reinstate your skills and strengths.

Interview Guide – What not to do!

Although you may do the above tips, there are also certain topics that you should approach with caution. The following are things that you should avoid during an interview:

At some stage you will have to talk about money, but it is best to leave salary questions until you are sure that you’ve already set a good impression with your interviewer. Unless they bring it up, wait for a second interview or if an offer has been extended before you ask. Otherwise this can make you look money-driven or as though you think the job is already in the bag.

Another dangerous question to ask is “Will I have to work long hours?”. You can find this out by asking questions about their culture, teams and how they measure success. Doing this will help you paint a picture of what it’s like to work there and will show that you are passionate about the job you are applying for.

If any question is guaranteed to leave your interviewer wondering why and how you even got an interview it is asking; “What does your company do?” As mentioned above, research about the company and position will give a great good impression and make the interviewer feel like you want the job.

Thank you for reading our interview guide!

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