What is Visualisation?

Visualisation is about seeing yourself in certain situations and expecting it to happen in real life. It helps you be more aware and recognise opportunities that will get you there.

The brain is wired in a way that you become what you focus on.

How Is Visualisation Used?

* Relationships – Visualisation help relationships.  You envision yourself in a successful marriage or meeting your soul mate. Or your vision could be about your family relationships and how they are improving.

* Business – A lot of successful businesswomen and men attribute their success to visualisation. Visualising business success has been credited with increased income. Also more clients, and a strong sense of self-confidence.

* Self-Image – Visualisation is used to attempt improving your self-image. Using visualisation techniques, you imagine yourself as a confident, competent, popular person. Hopefully, these dreams will begin to play out in real life.

How Do You Do It?

When you practice Visualisation, there’s a bit more involved than just daydreaming. Firstly, when you seriously visualise the hopes of creating life changes, you need to be specific in your goals and imaginings. Your visualisations are targeted toward those specific goals. Therefore, visualisation infuses more energy, focus and vividness into your dreams.

Finally, when you visualise reaching your goals and dreams. Imagine the details. Include the very smells, sounds, and feelings that surround the scenario. As a result, the brain blurs the line between imagined and reality, It doesn’t recognise the difference between observing something in real life and something imagined. This enhances the possibility that the scenario will come true.

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