Setting and Achieve Business Goals

It’s important to set real, specific goals in your business, and to think about how and to achieve business goals.

These goals can be financial, personal, or simply involve an aspect of your business. It can sometimes seem overwhelming to determine goals, and even more overwhelming to think of achieving them. Here are some tips on doing both of these.

  1. Setting the goals

How do you set business goals, anyway? As you sit down to determine your goals, here are some things to keep in mind that may help.

* Money – How much money do you need? Financial goals are very different for everyone. Just make sure you have a real number. You might want to set two financial goals – long-term and short-term, setting both will help you reach smaller goals and give a since of achievement while reaching the long-term goals.

* Strategy – As you develop a strategy to reach your goals, you will have goals within that strategy. Within this strategy, there are steps – you will need to schedule in the time it takes to do each step. Even within these steps are more steps – break everything down into small and specific steps.

* Time – Be honest about how much time you have. Its easy to set goals far away so we don’t know how much time we actually have. Work out in real lifetime how long it will take and put in time for breaks, as you will need them for everyday activities.

  1. Achieve the goals

If you have been honest in the above exercises, achieving your goals will be much easier and likely. But if you’re still struggling, consider the following:

* Keep track – Keeping a record of your business ventures, expenditures, income, and overall progress toward your goals can help you get a handle on how well you’re doing. This can also help you see areas in which you need to improve, and areas where you excel. Use our goal planner sheets to help you on your way.

* Accountability – Some sources suggest an accountability partner, goal buddy, or whatever you want to call someone who holds you accountable for reaching your goals. or use our new Mums at Work App to set tasks and reminders.

* Marketing – It is important to have a marketing plan. How will you get your name out? How will you tell people you are open for business? This is an important component to any business goal. Use our eBook – 3 strategies for sales success to think about how to reach new customers on a shoestring budget.


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