Starting a business.

One of the scariest things you can do is become a mum. It is a dive into the unknown that has potentially brilliant rewards. This is why there are many similarities to becoming a mum to starting a business. Here are some of them below:

  • You spend months preparing and anticipating.

Once its confirmed that you’re going to be a mother, you have lots of time to get used to the idea and think of everything you will need to do before the baby comes. This includes making practical and financial plans for maternity leave, preparing a nursery and buying what you need for when the baby arrives.

This is similar to planning a business. Once you definitely decide on pursuing your own business, you usually decide on a date you want to launch. You then start planning all the financial and practical details you need in place – like you would with a baby!

  • You sleep less in the early stages.

It is very common for new mums not to get much sleep in the first few weeks or months. This is the same with new business owners.

Although you wont have a physical baby cry to wake you, most new business owners find their sleep disrupted from the excitement and overactive brain producing new ideas.

A new business demands a lot of time which can be hard to manage when fitting it around your family. So many new business owners squeeze work time in early in the morning or late a night when everyone has gone to sleep – similarly to new mums.

  • You need to make new friends.

While your old friends are busy with work and carrying on with life, yours has changed drastically. It is important to find and meet mums locally who are in the same boat as you. This allows you to share advice on how to cope with things like sleeping, health worries, feeding etc.

When you start a new business, you want to do the same. While your friends are at work, you wont have anyone to brainstorm with and ask for advice. So, it’s important to meet other people like you. Making new friends will not only come in handy for swapping advice and offering support, but they and help extent business contacts. You can do this in person or online – such as joining MAW!

  • You will watch it take its first independent steps after a year.

Around the 12-18 month mark, most babies start to take their first steps and start walking. This is also the first step to independence.

This is the same with a new business. At the beginning it relies on you entirely, you need to support it with all your time, effort, money and constant care. After a year or so, your business’ profits will be beginning to make a profit, and clients/customers will be finding you themselves.

  • It needs to be dressed properly.

It is important that your baby is dressed properly – that they are in summer clothes to keep them cool, or in winter clothes, to keep them wrapped up warm. Most mums make sure their baby looks nice with clean, fitted, stylish clothes.

A business is the same, you need to make sure it not only looks good on the outside, but it is suitable and attractive for your business. When people from outside your business see the outside, it allows them to form an opinion of it. This includes your logo, website, package, business cards, social medias and the exterior and interior design of your store. If your store is done properly, you’ll attract the customers and clients you’re aiming for. You need to spend time, more and care to get this right, just like you would for your baby.

  • You need the support of your partner.

Having a baby is a life changing event. You need your partner to provide both practical and emotional support to help you get through the experience.

Having a business is also an experience that can be made a lot easier if your partner supports your ideas and efforts. It will be much less stressful when launching your business with a partner that is happy to listen to you and reassure you when you have concerns.

  • You need to raise it properly.

You need to raise your baby to become a healthy, well-adjusted adult who will contribute to society and live a happy and positive life.

Starting a business is no different when helping it grow in the right direction. After investing in the right areas and set the right boundaries for your business will help it become successful and have a positive effect on your customers and clients.


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