The Story of Orla Tennyson, Financial Advisor

We asked Orla Tennyson all about her business as a financial advisor.

“I had always been interested in business and finance from my school days so it was a natural progression. I started with Alliance and Leicester in 2004 when I was 23. From the off, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve within the finance industry. I started studying for my financial planning exams alongside working in the bank. This was to try and gain as much experience as I could. The result was that I completed all of my exams within 6 months and waited for a trainee financial adviser role to come up.

This didn’t take long and two years after starting with A&L I got my first break. I took maternity leave for my first child at the beginning of 2013 followed shortly by maternity leave to have my twins. During this last period of leave, I was approached by SJP to go out on my own. I have always loved what I do so now with three kids under the age of 2 it just felt like the right time to go out on my own. I love the flexibility it gives me with my four children. It has also stretched and expanded my skills into other areas of financial planning that I was never able to do when I was with the bank. Every day is a school day but I love the challenge.

How Orla Tennyson Communicates as a Financial Advisor

I provide friendly face-to-face financial advice to individuals, families, and businesses. At the moment I am currently working remotely via Zoom, Teams, and over the phone. I take the time to get to know my clients and build relationships through face-to-face reviews each year. It is so important to take time out of our busy lives to make sure that our finances are working hard for us. I can help with all aspects of financial planning including retirement planning, investments, inheritance tax planning, tax planning through investments, foreign exchange, and protect you, your family and your business should the worst happen.

The services I offer include face-to-face advice on pensions, investments, savings, tax planning, and protection. I can also facilitate foreign exchange transactions. I offer all of my clients a face-to-face annual review to make sure that they are on track to reach their financial goals as they navigate through different stages of their lives.

Relationships are key

I love the relationships I have built up over the last 16 years with my clients. I count many of them as friends now and am lucky to have some of my very first clients still on board with me.  Over the years, I have seen their finances grow. Therefor, I have also got to know them and their families very well over the years. I love to talk on a one-on-one basis and like to think that I put my clients at ease when they are dealing with the scary subject of their finances.

Financial planning can be a mind field. I like to think that I can make it easier and friendlier to understand. My approach is very laid back.  I truly believe the days of going into an office to see a gentleman in a striped suit and briefcase are long gone. I am a working mum and fully appreciate the restraints this brings to our lives. Therefore I like to take my time with my clients discussing their finances more enjoyable rather than someone thing they dreaded to do. I love what I do and want the best for my clients. I truly hope this shines through.

Orla Tennyson’s Advice for others in business

It is not an easy decision to go out on your own. If you leap the faith, be a hardworking person and stick at it, you will be rewarded not only financially but more importantly personally.

My biggest struggle is time. As a mum of four young boys and due to the home-schooling over the last 12 months, I have even less of it. I find myself replying to client emails at all strange times of the day and night. AS I am very grateful to anyone who contacts me, I like to personally reply to them as soon as possible.

Leaping my faith 5 years ago when I moved from the safe world of being a salaried employee to becoming a self-employed start-up. It hasn’t been a smooth run due to a pregnancy and a serious illness in the first 3 to 4 years. However, I sat tight and kept plugging away at it. Finally, so far this year has been my best year yet and we still have 8 months to go.

Most of my free time is spent making memories with my kids. We always have the car packed with wellies, coats, picnic blankets, and chairs. Ready for any occasion or weather. We try to go somewhere at least once a week. We are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting places and adventures.

For partnership, here are my important details:
E-mail Address:
Telephone No.: 07470088977 or 028 96 209700 (Office)

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