Maggie Brady Pearl Redesigns

How Maggie found her Passion for Interior Design

Maggie Brady, Pearl Redesigns

Maggie Brady, Mum of three discovered her love for interior design after living in New York. Through working with old homes and shopping for quality, quirky vintage pieces Maggie created her business.


Maggie Brady Pearl Redesigns

How Maggie Brady, Pearl Redesigns helps people.

Maggie helps people with not only the decor of their homes but also the overall flow and layout. She works out how a home should work suited to each of her customers. She also shows her customers how to reuse what they have to give the best offers, deals and saving costs where possible. Maggie is also a colour consultant and helps choose the right colour and tones to make a difference in a customer’s wellness. She explains; “Colour and tones can have both positive or negative effects on our mood. A happy home is the goal.”

Maggie helps her customers fall in love with their homes again. Things like a new look, different colour scheme or different layout can change what each room means to them and how it makes them feel. She has dealt with difference situations and found the best outcome for each. Whether the house is a new build or an oldie, Maggie can work with you to find the best design solution to suit your budget.


Pearl Redesigns

What Maggie loves most about her job

What Maggie loves most about her job is “the satisfaction of realising someones dream space and helping them to see the potential within.” She also explained how she once had a client who was a divorcee and wanted to “revamp” her house. After building a friendship during the process, they went on a shopping trip to help revamp the client as well. After insisting she did not like the colour green, she not only ended up with green walls but also a green shirt. This shows how Maggie looks at her clients personal wardrobe and personality when helping them design their home.

Where did the Name “Pearl Redesigns” originate?

Maggie renamed her business after herself, “Pearl” which is another name for her full name, Margaret. “No two pearls are the same and when you think of Pearls you think Audrey Hepburn and classic style. I like to redesign what you have. No one builds or buys a new home with everything brand new.” – Maggie.

Maggie and Mums & Work

Maggie became a Mums At Work member and has build friendships along the way. She explains that the group has offered support through the events and advice given on the page. She also says that although working from home can be lonely, the events are fun and allows her to be at a safe place with positive like minded women with the same business goals. So far, Maggie has had many collaborations with over five members.

Along with going to M.A.W. events in her free time, Maggie takes time for her kids, who are older now. She also likes browse auctions, charity shops, travel and visit old country homes.

Maggie’s advice for others starting in business

When asked what advice she would give to anyone wanting to go down the same business route, Maggie says to “Go for it!”  At first it intimated her, but after going to free group classes and calling designers for advice she found her way. Maggie’s main advice to them is, “Fear stops many from following their goals. Find like minded groups and people like M.A.W. and don’t give away all your plans. Keep learning everyday. It’s hard work. Enjoy it all, dream big, find your why and see the big picture.”


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